• Diary of F.A.V. Vol. 1

    Dear of F.A.V.,

    Have you ever felt like you were always alone in the world?
    Have you ever had the feeling that if you sang nothing comes out your mouth because you've always been alone and nothing to sing about?
    I did...untill I met THEM. It was a bright sunny day two kids from different families and looked about my age I was the age of 5 years. They were both moving in.
    My parents were out for the day so I stayed inside alone, watching everything upstairs in my room through the window. I watched the two carefully. I looked away for a moment and then the two of them looked at me through my window.
    The girl was wearing soft pink shirt and blck skirt to match her knee-high socks with her pink shoes. She also had blue eyes and jet black hair. When I stared back at her she smiled and waved. It took me by surprise I didn't wave back because she had went into her house.
    The boy also looked at me but looked at me with confusion. That I was not surprised about. He wore a shirt that was grey and camoflage shorts. He had jet black hair like the girl but he had purple eyes.
    The next day I went to school. I was going to Moon Academy. you see this school is different than most lacal schools. Why? It's because it has day and night classes. The night classes are the same standards but there's special things that you need to know in that class.The uniform was "kind of" cute but wasn't my taste. The uniform for girls was a long pure white dress that looked like it was for angels because of it's brightness. It also had black lines for designs. You had to have a satin ribbon with a moon on it and the shoes had to white and the knee-high socks or stockings of course had to be clack. The boys just wore a white jacket with the black designs and moon on it with a black shirt underneath and white pants with black socks and finally white shoes.
    When I was walking to class everyone bowed to me bacause I was ranked "A" in the class all because of how smart, cool, beautiful and because my family. (Don't know why my family.) I also took day and night classes. So, I took a seat at my desk waiting for Sensi, to tell us news.
    He starts to say,"Good Morning Class."
    We said good morning to him as well.
    "Today we have two new students. This young lady is Miyuki Matsumura, and this young man here is Sato Inkiba."
    I thought to myself: Out of all the local schools why this one?
    Then Sensi continued,"Now Miss Matsumura-."
    "Sensi, you don't have to call me bye my last name. Go ahead and call me Miyuki ^-^." Miyuki said to Sensi.
    "Yeah...same here Sensi." said the Inkiba kid.
    "Well alright just as long as your alright with it it's fine. now the both you take the seats that are empty." Sensi said and they did. Not surprising that Miyuki sat in front of me.
    So the bell rang for lunch. I decided to stay in the class to eat my lunch like I always had. Miyuki got her bento out but didn't leave.
    "Hey aren't you going outside to eat lunch with the others?" She asked.
    "Why? I don't hang out with any of them nor do I talk to them..." I said.
    "Well then your going to be my best friend! Even if you don't want to," She said smiling. "And I'm going to eat lunch with you all the time now too."
    I was surprised by her words becaused they warmed me up with this feeling of happiness and excitement all over my body.
    The next day I was really surprised because Sato also said he'd be mine and Miyuki's best friend and he'd hangout with us. From those two days and on they were always there for me. Elementry, and Middle school past. High school is Finally here.
    I had a friend named Ikuto Kuga. We secretly dated. Miyuki and Sato like each other without knowing that it's obvious.