• Together these girls form:
    L. C. B.
    Love. Can. Break.

    Misery of the Tainted as Iolanthe-Magdalene “Belle” Maundrell

    Belle uses her mysterious black book to summon up the forces of death to defeat her enemies. She is considered a savior and thus, white doves and a vampire’s moon are her blazon.
    Belle and Ella are not at all related, though they do question how they came to have the same names in a world where names are just as unique as fingerprints.
    Selene in the meanwhile is one of Belle’s best friends. They had met when the two hotheaded chicks had gotten into a team effort to kill a small town’s problem, the brawl started when the two girls started deciding how to split the reward money.
    Belle is shy, but most take her shy demeanor for rude and selfish. Belle is hotheaded and will sometimes jump into something without thinking about it beforehand which will lead to consequences later.
    There is a good side to Belle.
    She is loyal, if a friend was in danger she wouldn’t hesitate to stand up for a friend, even at the sake of her own dignity.
    Belle’s favorite things are books, knowledge, time, dogs, cats, and birds, night, stars, the moon, a hot summer day, and children. Belle is talented when it comes to the arts, she can play the piano and sing and she can draw and write.
    Belle is known as “Cherri” by her most persistant admirer Tom Mare and as “Haunt of Bucharest” by the world.

    Kiara Mizuki as Selene Spenser and her talking hat, “Solomon” Selene’s hat, Solomon, is often quite annoying to her, but in others eyes he would be considered wise beyond belief. He loves to annoy the hotheaded Selene and her equally hotheaded friend, Belle, while he enjoys the company of Ella.
    Selene met Ella and instantly fell in love with her, Selene swore, on that snowy day, that she’d protect her friend forever and at any cost. Selene was true to her word when a mysterious man tried to kidnap Ella for unknown purposes.
    Selene and Belle often fight, though, in the end, they always remain the best of friends and hotheaded rivals.
    Selene is somewhat dependant on her friends to keep her from killing those who get her riled up and will often be seen arguing with her hat. Selene isn’t just hotheaded, she’s also a flirt, but that doesn’t stop her from being the best friend you could ever have. She is loyal and will stand up for a friend, even though she knows exactly what she’s getting into. You can always depend on her to take a stand and do something in times of need. Selene never backs down. She is known as “Aphrodite of The Howling Wolves” for the wild wolves whose hot-blooded spirits she takes after.

    Playing with shadows as Ella Maundrell
    Not much is known about Ella except for her personality which is lighthearted and downright adorable. She has a bubbly laugh and it makes everyone she meets feel like life is a joy. But something deeper lurks behind Ella’s secretive world, what could it be?
    Ella is simply known as “Lodemai of The Crows”.