• The messy hair of Cassy could be seen amongst the irritated horses that needed grooming. Cassy was a born slave in Saroma. She set of to work, carefully cleansing the horse. Then she washed the hooves free of muck and washed the dirt off the saddle. Her next task was to go to the Masters Chambers and deliver breakfast. Cassy ran into the kitchen, snatched the tray with toast, jam and eggs and ran towards Master Rifloz chambers. She knocked on the door and entered. Cassy heard the sound of drops falling to the ground, disturbed by the sound of humming. Cassy ditched the tray on the bedside table and began searching. She found a small instrument known as a “piccolo.” Cassy was about to play it when she noticed that the sound of rushing water had stopped as had the humming. Cassy hid the instrument in her hidden pocket, grabbed the tray, ran to the door and announced “Breakfast sir.”
    “I didn’t hear you knocking!” he screeched.
    “You were opening the doors sir and I had just entered,” Cassy replied with as much innocence as she could muster.
    Master Rifloz glared at her but instead of asking her to go get a whipping he simply said “At least you’re not late like the last slave.”
    Cassy bowed and left the room. She sighed with relief and set off to do her next task.
    “Cassy!” called one of the other slaves, “Master Rifloz wants you!”
    Cassy’s heart missed a beat and butterflies formed in her stomach. Does he know if she has the piccolo? She’ll get a whipping for this.
    “Master,” she asked “do you require anything?”
    “Yes,” he replied, his temper rising, “I WANT MY PICCOLO BACK!”
    “B-but sir, I don’t have it! Search me!” whispered Cassy.
    Master Rifloz ripped the piccolo from her hidden pouch and smirked.
    “Off to the whipping chambers, NOW!”
    Cassy knew there was no escaping. Master Rifloz remembered every slave he sends and the receptionist recorded whoever went in. Cassy glumly entered the whipping chambers. The horror of the sight was too horrendous for words. Blood streaked from her cheek and her back ached as if she were carrying 16 tonnes of food to the Master. Cassy gritted her teeth but the pain was unbearable so she screamed.