• I had to get out of here and quick. I wouldn’t be able to live knowing that Leon or his family got hurt because of these deamons trying to kill me. I mean if I wasn’t there to suck the poison out of Leon’s cuts he could have died!

    The only question is, how am I going to get out of here? I’m stuck in a house full of mind reading vampires. They probably already know that I’m gonna try and escape. Which means I have to work fast.

    I grabbed my backpack stuffing a couple snacks I snuck into my room, clothes and some money. As quietly as I could, I opened the window and got half my body out before I remembered my SkulAnimals stuffed toy.

    When I went back to grab it I heard some one on the stairs. With my backpack and stuffed animal I jumped out the window and grabbed on to a near by tree. I started slipping and whipped out my dragon like wings, flying up into the midnight sky.

    I missed flying. It’s so freeing from all my troubles.

    I didn’t know where I was going but I knew I had to see the Eiffel Tower. So, that’s where I went, to the very top. Using my wings to balance me I sat down hanging my feet off the edge and.. just cried.

    I know a deamon princess who’s faced death her whole life, even killed people for a living at one time, shouldn’t be crying. But it was just so overwhelming. I couldn’t stop the tears that rolled down my cheeks.

    When I finally stopped crying I could feel a rush of anger run through me. I’m gonna find Lucien and I’m going to kill him.

    With that thought I threw on my backpack and started flying over Paris trying to find the cemetery Leon had taken me to. There might be some clues that I could use to find Lucien.

    I landed on one of the head stones checking to make sure no one else was here. Satisfied that I was alone I walked back to wear Leon and I had sat down for our picnic. There was the droplets of Leon’s blood when the deamon had slashed him with it’s tail then the imprint in a tree when Leon threw it.

    Yes, I refer to deamon’s as it’s.

    The crack I had made with my spell had closed mostly so it was very small now.


    I stood straight up, eyes looking everywhere. That’s when I saw the black silhouette standing on a head stone a little a ways. It flew at me fast and I jumped into the air, blocking the sword that swung at me.

    A long sword formed in my hands and I swung it around like a pro. What I could now see as a deamon with long talons and flaming red hair screeched at me before it lunged jutting its sword at my chest. I easily blocked it and spun slicing its arm.

    It cried out and tried to stab me again. This time it took a little more effort to block but I managed to slice off its hand and the sword fell to the ground. I kicked it so hard it flew into a tree. At lightening speed I was in front of it pressing my sword up against its neck.

    “Where’s Lucien?” I asked through gritted teeth.

    It spoke in a very ancient tongue, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

    I pressed the blade of the sword against its jugular and it sputtered, “Alright, alright. He sent me as a message.”

    “What kind of message?” I asked looking at it skeptically.

    Then it smiled flashing razor sharp teeth, “That’s for you to decide. Either you come with me or we’ll keep coming.”

    What kind of choices were those? I could go with him, which was most likely a trap, or I could try and find Lucien some other way with deamons still trying to kill me...

    I heard the snap of a stick behind me and the deamon slashed my stomach with its talons. I fell back dropping the sword to wrap my arms around me.

    “Raine!” I heard Leon shout. Before the deamon could slash me again Mary-Anne was grabbing him by the neck and throwing him yards away. Leon was next to me in a flash picking me up and, using vamp speed, he ran out of the cemetery.

    His mouth was pulled into a frown and he had worry lines around his eyes. Without a word or even a glance at me Leon got in the back of the black Mercedes with me on his lap.

    For awhile I just sat there resting my head on his shoulder but then he spoke, “Why..?”

    I looked out the window mumbling, “Well.. I didn’t want anyone to get hurt. And if I stayed there I knew that one of you would. So, I left.” Trying to lighten the mood I added, “I saw the Eiffel Tower..” H laughed. Not a happy laugh, but like a tired kind of laugh.

    “You don’t have to worry about that.” He kissed my forehead. “We’re here for you Raine. Here to help you.” I half smiled as my vision got a little blurred.

    The last thing I remember before I fell unconscious was Leon calling my name in that husky male voice of his that I love so much.

    To Be Continued...
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