• I was alone, and afraid. Was someone actually going to find me? Am I going to be a lone forever? These thoughts ran through my mind like a broken record, playing over and over again, but always skipping the answers, though I knew what those answers were. Someone may find me, but I'm going to be alone for forever. Being alone for twelve years of your life changes how you look at the world. With a loving caring family, the world seems small, but filled with people who care. Being alone, the world seems big filled with careless people that are cruel and brutal.
    "Excuse me. Miss?" I looked up from where I was sitting, and saw a man there, maybe about seventeen years of age, like me. A new hope poured in to me, and maybe I even saw light for once.
    "Do you know the way to the supermarket?" And the hope and light vanished just as quickly as it had come, though it left no mark that it had even been there for a moment.
    "That way." I nodded to my left.
    With out another word the boy was off, not even a simple thanks.
    My eyes pricked, as if I were about to cry. But I had no idea about what this time. Let's face it, i'm a depressed person. But I have good reason to be. Lets see here... One I was born in to a loving family, a teen couple, but they couldn't take care me, then I was adopted to parents who abused me, then I was adopted again, but they stoped caring for me, so I ran, ran, and ran, and still am.
    I looked up, only to see the sky getting black again, so I got up and wandered the old house I lived in. I didn't use any water, or any electrictity, just the shelter the house provided and the old bed that still lied there. Another night in the dark, another time I'm going to feel that something is haunting me.
    I didn't get very much sleep last night and I certainly felt that hit me when I got out of bed. I combed my hair with the brush I found when I explored the house. I walked out in to the sunlight and ran in to something.
    "Sorry about that Miss." A person said, and if I remembered correctly it was the same voice as the boy who asked me which way the store was from where I was sitting.
    "It's fine." I said, and walked around him to continue on with my not so fascinating day. But as I passed him he caught my arm.
    "I was wondering..." He began, his voice reminding me of velvet.
    "What? Where the nearest station is?" I asked.
    "No. What your name was..." I stopped and turned to him. "Why do you care? Do you just want to use me to show you around town and leave me like the rest of the world did?" Tears came to my eyes again.
    "No. What I asked you yesterday, that was just a way for me to talk to you." He clearly understood my pain, because he looked down at let go of me. "I'm sorry if I hurt you even more."
    I stood there, and crossed my arms, not sure of what to say. His eyes were mesmorizing, and I couldn't think clearly. They were a soft silvery color, making it seem like you could see all the way in to his soul.
    But then I remembered. "Wait, how did you know I was here?" I asked.
    "How about you answer my question first. Then I'll answer yours."
    I nodded and looked in to his eyes again. "My name is Zoey."
    He smiled. "I'm Zac." He nodded towards the street and put his hands in his pockets. "Shall we?" He asked. I knew what he was trying to do, and that was to distract me, and I wasn't going to let that happen. "So, are you going to answer my question?" I asked, crossing my arms again.
    "Yes." He said, simply.
    "I just answered your question." He shrugged.
    "Zac, this isn't funny!" I shot at him.
    "Okay, I'm sorry. I'll answer later, okay?" We had stopped, and he turned around and put his hands on my shoulders, looking straight at me.
    I nodded slowly, losing my train of thought again.
    "So where are we going?" I asked.
    "Where ever you want to. Are you hungry this morning?" He asked, taking out a key.
    "Yea. Where ever is fine with me." I smiled.
    "Hope you're not afraid to put on a helmet." He said, smiling crookedly.
    When we had walked down the street a little bit I saw a black motorcycle sitting there, and when I looked up at Zac he just nodded.
    He handed me a black helmet with a black face visor that matched the other one he was putting on. I smiled, adrenaline racing through my vains. I put on the helmet and strapped it. We sat there for a moment and smiled, gazing in to eachother's eyes. He flipped down his visor, making it nearly impossible to see his face, and I did the same. He started the bike and it purred to life. I clasped my arms around his waist and smiled at out postion. He pulled the throtle twice, making the bike vibrate and get louder though we didn't move.
    "Ready?" He yelled to me over the roaring engine. I just nodded and he felt my helmet against his back. He kicked the stand up and eased off the break as he pulled on the throtle. We raced down the street. Wind whipping at us as we glided through it. I don't remember ever smiling this much in my life than I did now. Now I was sure. Zac was the best thing that has ever happened to me.