• Like a dream….

    I wanted it all to just be a dream.

    I watched as he was running…

    I watched my life come apart….

    Tears falling…

    Bruises covering my body….

    Can we just….. Stay together.

    “Miyaki!” Mother called me from the kitchen. I ran down stairs with all my might- finding the strength to move. My body was weighted with sadness and my heart ached from the pain I was feeling. I had to put up a front to hide my pain so not to worry my mother.

    I was thirty-five, staying with my parents. The reason being, well… it had been awhile. I was meeting up with some of my friends; I hadn’t seen them in over five years. Seeing them again would just bring back memories, memories that made me happy. I thought about them daily and felt bad that I hadn’t even spoken to them in those years I was gone. I looked forward to this all month so I quickly got ready and headed out the door. We were meeting in our favorite restaurant; nothing changed only a few details but nothing major. Leaving this place, brung back memories of a confusing time for us. You see, when I left, I left behind my crush. I didn’t have a chance to tell him and in fact our love lives were tangled and messy back then so telling him would had made it more confusing. He was my best friend so seeing him again would make me extremely happy.

    That day would be the start of an adventure I’d never anticipated and one that would bring back unwanted memories.

    I walked in the restaurant filled with excitement as I approached my table of friends: Yuki, Ai, Sakura, Suzumi, Tamaki, Hikari, Rei, Mei, and Hana. But a couple of faces were missing: Yousuke, Akihiko, Yukari, Ashiko, and Rina. I figured they were busy with their lives and couldn‘t get away. I was, however, disappointed that Akihiko wasn’t there- he was the one that I had a crush on. The mood seemed normal under the circumstances. My friends all had unreadable faces which didn’t surprise me, after all, they might not know how to act seeing me after all this time. I approached them with such excitement that I nearly screamed, “Hi everyone! I‘m so glad I get to see all of you again!” They did not speak only smiling faces were shown to me. Then, Ai, the usually stuck up one- not showing any consideration for people, spoke in the softest tone possible. “Miyaki, it has been awhile.” There was a pause. “Akihiko, Rin, and Ashiko… They‘re…” A long pause followed along with a tear, “They‘re dead…” I felt my heart stop, my breathing stop, my movement froze. Those words were being processed in my mind. Dead!? How!? And Akihiko… He died… And Rin, Ashiko they are…. “Dead…” The only words that I could manage to say at this point. Ai just nodded while the others just gave an emotionless smile. “How!” I yelled so everybody could hear me. “How dammit!?” I punched the tabled with my fist in an uncontrollable, sorrowful rage. Tears gushing from my eyes as I kept screaming that phrase over and over again. Finally, Suzumi rushed over to me pressing herself to me hard, repeating, “Miyaki, I know… I know…” Tears were being shed at that table.

    We left the restaurant and headed over to my house. My mother was aware of what had happened but did not tell me. The only hint she gave me was shedding a tear here and there but I though it was because I had returned. They all set me down and explained to me what had happened. We all knew of the confusing love triangles, squares, and shapes we had experienced with each other so they easily skipped that part. “Miyaki, when you left, Akihiko was sad but he believed in you and himself as well. But he got lonely and eventually, Rin, the kind, soft-hearted person she was, started talking with him more and stuff began to happen.” Words were being processed in my mind when Tamaki was telling me this. I started to feel angry at them. “Akihiko did not want to continue having a relationship with Rin and Rin agreed as well but they kept being drawn together because they always liked talking about you and missing you…” I felt, now, guilty. “Well, Akihiko and Rin decided to see you. They didn‘t like hiding their relationship from you so they had to tell you. They both loved you. But… Ashiko did not agree with this- he loved Rin and to see her be taken away was heart breaking. Though, I think he misunderstood the reasoning for visiting you.” Another emotion began to rise, sympathy. “That day Ashiko also found out that he was dying. Only a few months left, so he called Rin to tell her before they left. Unfortunately, Akihiko had answered the phone but he didn‘t see the person making a turn because he was looking at the phone. He didn’t stop quickly enough and… ” I felt so much suspense, they were dead that was the bottom line. “They were hit. It wasn‘t long before they were at the hospital. Akihiko didn‘t make it but Rina had a chance with a blood transfusion but they‘re blood supply was low and her blood type was in strong demand. Nobody had the right blood type except Ashiko but he couldn‘t give blood due to his disease. She, then died.” Nothing left my lips except, “I was a perfect blood match for her.” It was true. We once had to get our blood taken and the doctors said that we had the same type.

    Suzumi had her arm tightly around me before she spoke, “Ashiko died a few weeks ago. He was depressed for the longest time.”

    “I could of cheered him up. I always could. I should have visited a few weeks ago. I could have but I was busy.” I spoke with tears falling from my eyes.

    “Akihiko and Rin died over a year ago.” They’re was no words to explain how I felt. Nothing to say. So, I left. Leaving behind my friends. I was curious where Yukari and Yousuke was but I already knew. Visiting them and their big companies would due me good. So that’s what I did. I left.