• Chapter 1 A new atmosphere

    The Emperor had assigned her to a Highschool in Beverly hills Califonia called "Meadowland High."Tyla had on a black tank top,taki shorts,her hair was down,and she had light brown gold pink makeup on.She looked around the new school and found a beautiful patch of green grass she was early and decided to catch up on her Tietiko.Tyla was warming up when two glam girls approached. The blonde on the left of the two spoke. "This is our spot as you can see nobody else is here." The brunnete on the right of the blonde nudged her pointing to a athletic attractive boy staring at Tyla. The blonde whipped her head around "hi Todd babe I'm over here." The boy waved at Tyla smiled and left. The blonde turned her attention back to Tyla only to put on a fake smile. "Oh if you dont already know Im Tiffany Gourdan and from now on you know that this our spot." The brunette smiled "Im Trish." Tyla smiled back just as manipulatingly as Tiffany "I'm sorry I hadnt seen your name on this spot if you would be so kind as to show where it is I might remember not to come back" Tyla's first rule to manipulate others was "use reverse psychology to let that person know you aren't stupid." Tiffany turned a pink but kept the smile on her face "oh they havent finished the plack yet." Tyla whipped back "good then it will be here the next time I'll try to come back bye." Tyla walked from the area only to hear her transmission turning on "Hello Tyla this is the Emperor have you spotted anyone you think would be useful to Tiemo?" "Emperor it's the first day." "Oh I'm sorry I must not rush but good luck Tyla and Mitekimia Rohe ( meaning good day dear)."

    Chapter 2 Finding A Possible Female Agent

    School had started and it wasnt looking bright for Tyla.She already had major popularity she didnt want and and hadnt even found any possible females for the mission.Tiffany however was avoiding her everywhere she went. Hmmm Tyla thought Tiffany had good avoidence skills but after a second or two she quickly shook the thought out of her head.Okay so maybe she had skills but her social skills were bad meaning she wouldnt get anywhere in the agent business.Todd had a smirk on his face everytime Tyla walked by which made Tiffany grow even more red that led to the same discussion she had with him over and over again. Of course Tiffany had no idea that Tyla could hear so well so she used the material as bait for ongoing arguments when asked how she new the info she simply told a lie about how everyone at school was talking about it.A week passed and she had not found anyone for the mission.Monday of the second week is when she started to make progress.Tyla had skidded through the hall bumping into a very pretty brunette who she soon learned to be named Karen."Oh ow I'm so sorry about that" Tyla said reassuringly. "Oh don't worry it happens all the time to me anyway I'm Karen you must be Tyla." Tyla became interested now "oh how did you know my name?" "Your the redhead everyone is talking about." "Really why I dont know half these people." "Todd has his eyes on you and that doesnt usually happen since he's dating Tiffany." Tyla blushed a bit "oh I'm seeing someone."
    Karen raised a brow "really who?." "Noone you would know." "Long distance relationships i know how that goes." "Yeah sort of." "Oh and I saw you doing some excersises out in the lawn last week do you do karate?" "Well I do both." Karen gasped "OMG me too that is so cool I never met anyone who can do both like me that is so cool." ______________________________________________________________

    Chapter 3 Asking A New Friend The Hard Question

    After Tyla and Karen's encounter they hit it off well.Tyla was beginning to feel guilty after 3 days she hadnt mentioned or hinted anything about her mission.
    So on Monday of the second week Tyla blurted out "so how long have you been a Tietiko major?" Karen giggled "since I can remember my parents have always been very passionate about any kind martial art." This was good news Tyla thought maybe I can spar with her."Karen would you like to spar with me this afternoon?" Karen's eyes got wide "I've never sparred with anyone who knows Tietiko I would love to." At the estate that Tyla was lended she and Karen got in position and were ready to spar.Both girls kicked and punched if someone was watching the scene it would look like a smoky blur.20 minutes later both girls decided it would be better not to be sore tommorow.If it was one thing Tyla had learned being an agent it was that the being true to friends you make is better than them hating you for as long as you both live."Karen I have to tell you something very important." Karen and Tyla were at the smoothie place and were gulping down banana mango smoothies. "Oh well what is it Tyla?" "Im a secret agent that's how I know Tietiko thats why I came oddly in the middle of the year and I would like you to become a secret agent with me for America and the country Tiemo." "Tyla I dont know Ill really have to think about it." Patience was also something a agent had to have."I fully understand but please tell noone else of this alright?" "I wont goodbye Tyla I'll see you tommorow."