• ~~Starstruck~~

    Chapter 2.
    The stone.

    When Carlee woke up that next morning She heard some talking down stairs. Then she heard footsteps coming up the stairs and they didnt sound like her moms. They were lighter. Then they got up the stairs. There was a little peice of wood sticking out from the top of the stairs and anyone who hasnt been up her stairs before always get caught on the peice of wood and trips. She heard a big bang in the hallway. She thought it would be Johanna. Her footsteps we very light and has never been up her stairs before. Then she heard her mom run up the stairs to the fallen person.

    "Yes that room right there."
    "Thank you."
    "Wait before you go in there i have to make sure she is awake." Carlees mom opened the door and carlee suddenly got under the covers and closed her eyes. "I am sorry sweetie she is still sleeping. Do you want me to send her to your house when she gets up?"
    "Please and thank you mam."
    "Oh your welcome! You are just so adorable."
    "Why thank you."
    "I am sorry i didnt catch your name. What is it?"
    "And Carlee knows where you live?"
    "Oh okay." Carlees door closed and heard the footsteps go down the hallway. She watched out the window as Johanna left the house and then she walked up the street twords her house. She got dressed and put on her shoes. It was a sunday morning so her mom was home. Carlee got a bagel and cut it in half and then she put it in the toaster.

    "You are so mean Carlee Ann!"
    "How am i mean!?!?!?"
    "I know you were awake. I heard you laugh when Johanna fell."
    "I didnt laugh i caughed. And i didnt want to go to her house this early."
    "Were you there yesterday?"
    "No! When i walked by her house last night She was out in front. And she came over to talk to me."
    "Really? Where does she live?"
    "Umm...."Carlee choked under her breath. "Right next to the burned house."
    "Oh really?"

    Just then Carlees bagel popped out of the toaster and she grabbed the cream cheese out of the fridge. She spread some on it and she said goodbye to her mom as she was going to Johannas house and she will be back later. She walked outside and walked up to Johannas. When she got there Johanna was standing at the door.

    "You wernt sleeping were you?"
    "Figures. Well come in. And take off your shoes please."
    "Okay." Carlee walked inside and took her shoes off. There was this white fuzzy carpet that surounded her. She threw her shoes over into the corner where Johanna put her boots. Carlee noticed something different about her today. She looked younger. She didnt worry too much about it. She stepped foot onto the fuzzy looking carpet. It was snow white. There was not even a footprint on the carpet like no one walked on it all day. Carlee noticed that the carpet was sooooooo fuzzy the footprints go away after a while.
    "Are you coming?"Johanna yelled from the stairway.

    Carlee ran to catch up tp her. She was halfway up the stairs before she noticed she was running. She didnt want to run. When she got up to the top of the stairs she walked down the hallway to Johannas room. She noticed it had the same carpet. There was a little desk in the far corner under the window. It had a computer on top of it. And then she had a flat screen tv on top of her dresser which was now in front of Carlee. She saw a corner filled up almost to her celing with stuffed animals. Carlee saw posters all over her room. They were mostly Hannah Montana. She looked and saw a stack of CDs and they were all Hannah Montana. She couldnt tell that she was a Hannah Montana fan. Johannas room was painted green with some little flutters of butterflys around. Her room was bigger than Carlee expected it. Carlee was so weirded out she ran out of her house and grabbed her shoes and yelled "Bye Johanna! See you later!" And she didnt even look back. She ran all the way home. When she got there and inside she noticed that her shoes were still in her hand and didnt even bother to put them on. She wanted to go for a walk in the woods like she normally does.

    "Bye mom. I will be back later. I am going to take a walk in the woods."
    "Bye hunny. Love you. And dont be too long."
    "Okay. Love you too."

    Carlee put on her shoes and walked twords the woods. When she reached the woods she found her normal path. But something about it wasnt normal. There was something different about it. She kept walking not noticing anything. But she did nottice the Giant rock that she just passed. She stopped and looked back. She noticed that there was a engraving on it. It read:

    "Whoever finds the stone will be granted everlasting luck. Buts thats only if you do me a favor first. I am hungry for the devils soul. Bring me the devils soul. Dont know who it is? Well her name starts with a J and ends with a A. Bring her to me and bury her next to me and then you will have ever lasting magic and luck. Good luck Carlee."

    Carlee read this and got freaked out so she ran home.