• "There's nothing in it," the said disappointed. She examined the box closer. She checked every groove and corner, but there was nothing there.
    "Let me see it," the boy said reaching for the box. The girl handed it to him and he did what the girl did trying to find what they had missed.
    "What were we supposed to find?" She asked the voices.
    Nobody answered.
    We are here. Turn around. She did so and jumped at what she saw. There standing right in front of her was a woman. Her fair hair was up and she wore a dress that looked like it was from the 1700s. Something a servant would wear.
    They hadn't heard the steps creek or moan, so how did she get down there?
    I didn't mean to startle you.
    "You mean the woman standing in front of me is a voice I let out of the cellar?"
    The woman nodded.
    "Wow" the boy breathed. "How can we see you? Wait how can I hear you?”
    The box. her lips didn't move when she talked.
    "What about it?"
    It contains magic. Since you were exposed to it you can see us and in your case She said indicating the boy. Hear us also.
    The children pondered this. There was silence for a while.
    "So what exactly are you?" The girl questioned.
    I am of a race of house dwelling spirits. We protect the house and its inhabitants, but since the last people left we had nothing to keep. If there is no one in the house we become dormant. That's why the house is in disrepair. Until you came along we were asleep.
    "So did the people know you were here?"
    In a sense, they didn't know we were spirits. They thought we were servants.
    "Oh well did you move your lips when you talked?" The girl asked.
    What do you mean? the woman asked confused.
    "You don't move your mouth when you talked." The boy specified.
    Oh, I believe so. They would suspect something if we did not. I guess I am not used to mouthing the words. She paused for a second thinking. Then her eyes glittered with excitement. You should meet the rest of us.
    She grabbed the girls hand and raced up the stairs. The boy followed behind them as the stepped creaked in protest.