• A lone figure was playing a mysterious Nocturne on the ebony piano, his fingers gracefully flowing across the keys. The melody filled the dark, empty halls, a mix of sadness and enchantment. As he played, he could hear someone singing along to the music.

    He kept listening for the voice, for he had not heard such lovely singing in all his life. He played the next verse of the song, listening closely. A small mysterious smile crossed his face.'She sings like a dove in spring.' he thought. He knew not why, but something about her made him want to know who she was.

    He heard her walking down the hall, for he could sense her getting closer to the room. As the figure finished the song, he had taken that chance to hide in the shadows.

    The figure heard the door open up, for there he saw her, the one who had been singing to his music. He stood there for a long time, studying her closely. From what he could see, she was trembling, a mix of fear and nervousness were evident in her starry blue eyes.

    The lone figure heard her speak. "Welcome m'lady." he greeted her as he bowed. She looked around in confusion, trying to let her eyes adjust to the dim light. Clack! the door had shut behind her, making the room much darker. "Wh-who are y-you?" Mitako asked timidly. The lone figure slowly stepped forward towards her. "I am Prince Ashala." he replied.

    Mitako could barely see the outline of the man who stood before her. He was slightly taller with a strong muscular body and thin frame. He had long black hair down to his broad shoulders, his eyes a deep blood red. He wore a long-sleeved crimson shirt. Around his neck was a black cape which rested upon his shoulders, covering his mouth. He had on a pair of black pants with matching boots. Upon his back was a pair of black wings that seemed to almost blend in with the surroundings.

    "What is your name?" Ashala asked curiously. "I...I'm M-Mitako. It's an ho-honor t-to m-meet you, A-Ashala-sama." Mitako replied, giving a slight bow of respect. Ashala's mouth turned into a slight smile of amusement behind the cape.

    Link had woke up and got ready for the day. He walked out of the room with his sword and shield strapped to his back. "Good morning Link!" Navi said happily. Link smiled as he heard the tiny voice of his fairy partner. He made his way towards Mitako's room and knocked on the door. "Good morning Mitako!" he said cheerfully. No one answered. Link tried again, yet still no answer.

    "Maybe she's still asleep?" Navi suggested, fluttering above his shoulder. Link shrugged in reply as he grasped the handle of the door and pushed it open. "Mitako, wake up!" he said, approaching the bed. He saw that it was neatly made with a few wrinkles. "Where could she have gone off to?" Navi asked in confusion. "I don't know. Something doesn't feel right." Link replied cautiously.

    "Hey, what's that sound?" Navi piped up. Link turned towards the door, listening closely. "Sounds like someone's singing." he said with a slight frown. He walked out of the room and followed the voice. 'I hope she's alright.' Link thought in worry.

    Outside the dark hallway, Shadow Link waited silently against the wall next to the door. He could hear the two people talking, one a female, the other whom Shadow Link assumed was an older male. He could sense the man's strong, negative aura. 'Who is this guy and what could he want with her?' he thought curiously.

    Mitako stared at the floor, trembling in fear. Ashala removed his cape and tossed it aside, then proceeded to unbutton his shirt, taking it off as well. "Tell me, what brings you here to this place?" he asked as he approached her slowly. Mitako shakily lifted her head up, her gaze stopping on his strong, muscular chest. "Um, I...I heard music playing and sang along. I was just w-wondering where it came from, s-so..." she trailed off as she tried to look away, her face turning bright red. Ashala placed his hands on the sides of her face as he looked into her deep starry blue eyes.

    Thump, thump, thump, thump...

    He could feel her heart beating rapidly where his left hand rested. "I see, you wished to know who was playing the music." Ashala replied smoothly. Mitako swallowed hard, unable to respond. She stood where she was, frozen in terror.

    Mitako took a slow, shaky breath, trying to calm her nerves. She kept her gaze on Ashala's face, staring into his deep red eyes. "Why were you playing the music?" Mitako asked curiously, unsure of what she was doing.

    Ashala slowly moved his arm and placed it around her shoulders. "Do you want to play the piano?" he asked her. Mitako didn't speak. Ashala gave a small, mysterious smile as he lead her over to the piano.

    Mitako sat down on one side of the bench while Ashala sat next to her. He turned his face to look at her. "I'm sorry for scaring you." he apologized. She looked up at his face. "Do you honestly mean that?" Mitako asked.

    (Author's Note: The song in this chapter is "No One Knows Who I Am" from the musical Jekyl and Hyde.)

    Ashala simply nodded in reply. Mitako gave a small, scared smile. She turned to look at the piano before her, letting out a sigh. Softly, she began to play, pouring her emotions into the melody. As she played, she sang, her voice filled with sorrow.

    "Look at me,
    And tell me who I am.
    Why I am
    What I am.

    Call me a fool,
    And it's true I am.
    I don't know
    Who I am.

    It's such a shame,
    I'm such a sham.
    No one knows
    Who I am.

    Am I the face of the future?
    Am I the face of the past?
    Am I the one who must finish last?

    Look at me,
    And tell me who I am,
    Why I am
    What I am.

    Will I survive?
    Who will give a damn,
    If no one knows
    Who I am?

    Nobody knows -
    Not even you -
    No one knows who I am..."

    Mitako ended the song, staring at the black and white keys. Ashala's smile had faded. He could see the sadness in her eyes as she looked up at him. "You seem upset. What's troubling you?" he asked in concern. Tears slowly fell from Mitako's eyes as she trembled in fear. She lowered her head in shame and cried.

    The Dark Prince gently stroked Mitako's back with his hand as he slowly pulled her closer to him. Mitako dared not speak, for she was too afraid. She laid her head against Ashala's chest, for the pain in her heart was too much to bear.

    "I'm scared...!" Mitako whispered shakily. "What are you scared of?" Ashala asked. "I'm scared of knowing what really happened to my parents." she replied.

    Ashala hugged her gently, as if she were a delicate flower that would quickly wilt. "I recognize your face." he said to her. Mitako looked up into his crimson eyes as tears spilled from her own. "How do you know me?" she asked in a weak voice.

    The Dark Prince stared back at her, somewhat lost in thought. "You were there on the balcony of Titan Castle, crying every night." he replied.

    Ashala took his free hand, tilting her face up to look at him as tears kept falling from her eyes. "I'm sorry for what my father did. He gave the order for one of his minions to get rid of your father." he said.

    He let go of Mitako's face as she looked back at the piano before her. "What about my mother? Did he... have her killed too?" Mitako asked fearfully. "No, he didn't. She passed away when you were born." Ashala replied simply.

    She let out a small gasp. "N-no...no!" Mitako cried, tears falling down her face. She once again laid her head on Ashala's chest, trembling in fear. The Dark Prince began to rub her back. "Shh, just relax." he said. Mitako closed her eyes, too scared to move.

    Thump, thump, thump, thump...

    Ashala lowered his face, kissing the top of her head. Mitako just stayed there, for all she heard was the steady beating of Ashala's heart as she kept her ear pressed against his chest.

    After several moments had passed, Mitako began to get tired. Ashala continued to rub her back with his hand.

    Thump, thump, thump, thump...

    Mitako let out a yawn. Minutes had passed and she finally fell asleep listening to the soft, steady pulsing of the Dark Prince's heart.

    Ashala picked her up, not wanting to disturb her slumber. He carried her over to a dark corner, placing her gently on the bed. He then laid down next to her, kissing her deeply on the lips.

    Slowly, Ashala proceeded to wrap his arms around her body, holding her close as he continued kissing her.

    ********Meanwhile in Hyrule Castle*******

    Link kept looking around the castle halls, equipped with his usual weaponry. 'Where could she be?' he wondered worriedly. As he made his way to the courtyard, he sat down on one of the stone benches. He let out a heavy sigh, staring at the ground while lost in thought.

    "Are you the Hero of Time?" said a female voice. Link looked up and saw a woman standing before him in a strange uniform with a mini skirt and knee-high boots. Her eyes were a garnet color, her hair a forest green. She held in her hand a tall light purple staff with a garnet-colored orb on the top. "Yes, I am who you speak of." Link replied.

    The woman stepped forth, standing a few feet away from Link. "Don't give up hope, for the one you seek may be close by." she said, before disappearing in a dark purple aura. 'Alright, so maybe I haven't searched everywhere.' Link thought as he made his way back through the castle. He went down a dark hall and down a flight of stairs which lead to a dark hallway.

    Mitako shivered slightly, feeling very cold. Ashala felt her body shaking. He reached his arms over in order to hold her close, but somehow landed on top of her. His head ended up pressed against Mitako's chest.

    Thump, thump, thump... thump... thump, thump...

    The Dark Prince stayed there for a long time, listening closely.

    Thump, thump... thump... thump, thump...

    Ashala could hear the pulsing sound of Mitako's heart, yet he could sense something wasn't right. The Dark Prince ignored the feeling for now. He closed his eyes, concentrating on the sound.

    Thump... thump, thump...

    Silently, the Dark Prince lifted his head and kissed Mitako down the left side of her neck, stopping where he could feel her heart beating beneath his lips. 'She's so beautiful, such a delicate flower.' he thought.

    Dark Link silently vanished into the darkness of the hall, only to reappear inside the room. He remained in the shadows, quietly making his way to the nearest wall across from where he saw the two figures on the bed.

    Mitako let out a yawn. She tried to change positions, but couldn't. Carefully Mitako lifted one hand, feeling something strong and muscular on top of her. Her eyes opened wide as she gasped in shock. Ashala simply gave a slight wicked smile seeing her reaction. "Had a pleasant nap my dear?" he asked as he stared at her.