• I stood in the dark hall outside the throne room. I felt nervous although I didn't know why. Beside me, Jake stood stiffly. His dark hair was ruffled and his jaw tight. This made me sad. I reached out and grabbed Jake's hand. He let his fingers curl around mine.

    "It's going to be okay Jake." I whispered softly and his jaw loosened slightly as he spoke to me.

    "You know as well as I do that it won't be okay. We were told not to go against the law and we did. The penalty is severe." His face was a stiff mask, but I could see the fear in his dark ruby eyes.

    "Jake. We can't help love." I pulled him closer to me and I kissed his soft lips. He kissed me back and I knew he knew I was right. I pulled back and hugged him for a minute.

    Just as I opened my mouth to tell him how much I loved him, the blood red doors to the throne room opened. "Enter." I recognized Father's silky voice.

    I pulled Jake with me as I walked into the room. Father's cold blue eyes stared nastily down at Jake and I. Stepmother just sat there with a careful expression on her beautiful face. I could see concern in her posture and eyes, but it flew away when she saw my hand clenching around Jake's.

    "You know why you are here?" Father's voice was cold and oddly polite.

    "I am here because I fell in love." I held my chin proudly. Jake gripped my hand tightly.

    "No. You are here because you had a fling with a servant."

    "It wasn't a fling," I growled.

    "Whatever it was, you still broke the law. There will be punishment."

    "Dish out your best." I said boldly.

    "I sentence you both to death." Father's voice was sure and unwavering.

    "You are going to kill your own daughter!" Jake screamed in disgust.

    "And you too. Since you are not royal, I will kill you first." Father motioned for the guards to take us away.

    "Father! Love knows not who is a princess and who is a slave! Love knows no bounds! This was bound to happen one day. Maybe you've forgotten about how much you loved my mother! She loved you and you sold her out! I am not proud to call you my father." I spat.

    "Such a fine speech. I see the hundreds of years worth of lessons wasn't wasted on you. Guards! Take them away so that I won't have to hear this nonsense." The tons of guards came and grabbed us. I didn't struggle. I knew it was pointless.