• The New York's alleys were always covered with heavy quilt of shadow. People passing by could hardly hear or notice anything, so it was the 'x' on all criminal's maps.
    It is very rare for anyone to notice anything happening in the shadows, but sometimes somebody would notice. Most of the time, it's children who realize, somebody is getting murdered while other fifty thousand people pass by them.
    Kiyuoshi (Pure) was one of those children. But what he's witnessed, could not be explained scientificly.
    "Mommy?" Let's turn 180 degrees and 10 years backwards, to the time Kiyuoshi was a little, supersticious boy.
    "Yes, dear?" a tall woman, about thirty stopped herself from closing the door and looked back into her son's room.
    "Mommy, do monsters exist?" a young boy, with his hair facing different directions, asked his mother with a worried look on his face.
    "Of course not, dear!" His mother answered taking a seat on the bed, in front of Kiyuoshi. "Why would you think that?"
    "I just wanted to make sure." He answered.
    His mother sighed with a smile. "Go to sleep." She moved the brown jungle from his forehead and kissed it.
    The next day, although at the same time, Kiyuoshi was asked to run to the shop for some milk. He passed a dark alley, and regreted it.
    "Please, stop!" He heard. He looked around, but nobody seemed to notice anything. So he continued walking.
    "What are you?" He heard the same voice again. He figured that the strange sounds come from an alley on the side of the road. He ran up to it, and saw three figures standing in the shadows. One of the figures was more visible that the others. Kiyuoshi could notice that it was a woman, but he never saw a woman like that. Her face shape was perfect, covered with pale white, clean skin. Her lips were deep red and full. She had long, straight white hair with a black bow in them and three long, black streaks on the top. She wore a black dress, in a lolita style.
    There was a nother man with her. He had also a white pale skin and a perfect face, although his hair was black and he seemed much older then the other girl, so Kiyuoshi thought they weren't related.
    "What do you want?!" The same voice hissed. It was a simple, homeless man.
    At this moment, the girl slapped him. "Too many questions!" she hissed back, gazing at her partner. He just nodded at her with a grin. She looked back at her prair and bowed down to him. He stared at her face.
    "I'm hungry." She said in a voice that no one could resist. "You can give me what I want." He just stared at her face with his lips widely seperated.
    "Tilt your head." Her voice was cunning, hypnotic. He couldn't resist, but listening to her. He slowly tilted his head.
    "Good." She said. Then something happened, that made Kiyuoshi freeze in the place.
    Suddenly, her snow whilte hair got red on their tips and her eyes became shiny and bloody. She opened her mouth, that made her white, long fangs visible. She didn't look beautiful anymore.
    And then, with one smooth move, she bit into her victim's neck. He did nothing but moan.
    Kiyuoshi decided that he has seen enough and took a run for it. The last thing he saw was the girl rising from the deam man's body. She lacked pride, although her eyes were full of pity.
    Lier... Lier...Lier...
    A sixteen year old woke up, screaming. He sat up and looked around his black room, breathing heavily. The same nightmare hunted on him ever since that day. He got used to the dreadful images, seeing them everyday. This one even changes his life forever. He slowly lost his source of joy and his life became darker and darker untill he finally fell into the shadows. He realized that his life wasn't that bad. He had a friend which is pretty much like him, only that girls run after him, for whatever reason they have, everywhere.
    He slowly got up from his black bed and stretched, making his bones crack a couple of times. Then he slowly walked out of his room, straight to the kitchen. He stopped right infront of his door, to listen to the sounds of the kitchen. He heard the shutter of the electric tea pot warming the water, the flowing of the water from the sink and plates being taken out by his mother. He decided to enter the white kitchen which was far too bright for his eyes.
    "Good morning." His mother greeted him with a smile. He didn't respond, just sat at the table, waiting for the food. His mother sighed, resigned. "I remember when you were a young boy. So joyful and cheery." She sighed to herself. "You could at least once in a while smile in respond."
    He didn't answer again. His mother gave up. She mumbled something to herself, but Kiyuoshi couldn't understand. He didn't even intend to listen to her, but what can he do if she keeps on talking anyway?
    Then he heard an alarm coming from the corridor. The alarm suddendy stopped irratating his ears and something banged against the floor. A few seconds later his sister walked out, rubbing her back. She was only born a few moths after him, yet she acts like a twelve year old.
    She suddenly moaned. "How come I can never wake up before you? This is so irratating." she said, falling on her chair, infront of Kiyuoshi.
    "Yoshiko (Joy) ..." He didn't know how to finish his sentance.
    "Mother!" she said, enthusiasticly. Their mother turned around, suddenly straightening up. "Give me lots of food! I need energy for the school council meeting, as I'm the class president."
    "Yes!" Their mother replied, turned around, and started cooking, singing 'My daughter will succeed, my daughter will succeed'. Then she looked at Koyuoshi with a frown.
    "Why can't you be as detemined as your sister?!" she moaned.
    "Eh?!" Koyuoshi responded.
    "Ah, never mind, never mind." His mother sighed and turned back to the cooking food.

    On their way to school, Yoshiko curiously observed her brother. Almost stared eek . When Koyuoshi realized that, she looked away.
    "What?" he asked. Then her eyes returned onto his face which made him feel awkward.
    "Hmm..." Was all she said, staring deeper into his face, so much, he had to move back.
    "What is it?" he asked again. She straightened up, looking and the floor with her arms crossed on her chest.
    "I was wondering how is it possible for a person to smile so rarely." she said, not taking her eyes off the walkway.
    "Of course you wouldn't know." He mumbled to himself, sure that she wouldn't hear. However, unfortunately, she did.
    "What was that supposed to mean?!" She hit him with her schoolbag. stressed
    "Whatever." He said. Then they stopped. They looked at both sides of the crossway, where the path to Koyuoshi's friend's, Ryuota's (Cold,clear) , house and their house join. They looked at their watches and looked around again.
    "They should be here by now." Yoshiko wondered. Then they heard something weird. As if an army of elephants was about to run infront of them.
    "Here they come!" Koyuoshi sighed and put one hand in his pocket.
    A group of girls ran past them, leaving a cloud of smoke behind. They screamed in excitement, giggled and yelled Koyuoshi's friend's name. When they were finally out of sight, Ryouta sighed with relief behind his friend's back.
    "Thanks, dude. I thought I'd never get rid of them!" He said, walking out of his hideout to stand infront of them.
    "No problem. I got used to it." Koyuoshi replied, indifferently.
    "Well, then. I better get going. If they find out I'm gone, they'll kill eachother." he said and ran off.
    "It's nice that although they stalk on him, he cares if they hurt eachother, isn't it?" Yoshiko stated, looking , at Ryuota run away. Then her eyes met Koyuoshi. They stared at eachother for a moment.
    "Well, it doesn't make any difference to me!" Koyuoshi said, walking on.
    "Hey! Wait up!" he heard his sister cry behind him. She quickly cought up with him.

    The front gate of the school was, as always, filled with people chatting away, laughing and just enjoying their last minutes of freedom before the class starts. Then they heard a scream. It didn't bother them at all, though, because it came from a male and few seconds after, Ryouta ran past them, with girls on his feet.
    "He's strong, isn't he?" Yoshiko said, putting her useless books into her locker.
    "Ye..." Koyuoshi agreed, leaning on his locked, watching his friend suffer.
    "You're best friends, however girls don't do that to you!" Yoshiko stated, closing her locker.
    "Because no girl likes me." Koyoushi sighed.
    "Oh, you'd be surprised! I know a couple of girls who fancy you." she said winking at him. He stared at her with disbelief. She just giggled. "See you in class!" she ran off.
    He stood still, staring at the point his sister ran out of his sight. Then everyone started screaming. He knew this was coming.
    "Ai(love)! Hoshiko(star)!" Everyone yelled. Then they stopped and moved aside to make a perfect passage for the two school's most attractive girls: Ai and Hoshiko. They look at a boy once, he faints. But not Koyuoshi. Therefore the girls like him.
    Ai smiled at him when she noticed him, them walked away with her friend, making her short, brown hair bounce.
    His eyes followed them, until he realized that every guy is watching him madly, groaning. He sighed and took a run for it. He ran through the corridor, softly pushig everyone off his way. Then, when he got to his class, he opened the door with a slam. Everyone looked at him, breathing heavily. He heard Hoshiko giggle, which made most of the guys look at her with dreamy eyes.
    He slowly walked over to his seat and with a huge sigh, he collapsed on it.
    "Hey, dude, I survived!" Ryuota said to him, with a grin.
    They both laughed.
    "Ok, everyone, butts in seats!" They heard their teacher coming in. Her long, black hair flew around the space as she turned to the class. "First of all, our class president, Yoshiko will speak to all of you."
    Everyone clapped their hands and cheered. Yoshiko was the opposite of her brother. She could be happy of any tiny detail in her life and live it to the fullest. Also, she was one of the most popular girls in the class.
    "Ok, class. We have some things to discuss, but first of all, I'd like to introduce a new transfer student from the south." Everyone started gossiping aroung. "Kuro (black) Mizuki (beautiful, Moon). You may come in." she looked towards the doors.
    Everyone waited impatiently. Guys were nearly dancing on their chairs from excitement. Then, the door opened and a tall, pale girl walked through. Everyone's mouth opened wide as she turned to the class. She moved her white curls behind her ear and said:
    "I'm Kuro Mizuki. I'm glad to meet you all."
    Koyuoshi froze in his seat. All the dreadful images from his childhood flew infront of his eyes.
    Then she looked at him.