• Chapter 5: JC Drakengard and His Melancholy

    June 19th 9:28 A.M.
    Deep in the FUM

    The boy approached me. He had a very determined look in his eye. He clearly wanted me dead. He finally stopped in front of me, grabbed me by the throat, and lifted me into the air, then he spoke, "You Dastard." I was curious as to this boy's motive, so I spoke "Who are you, exactly?" He looked annoyed, but answered anyway, "If you must call me something before I kill you, you may call me JC Drakengard." I looked around, I saw Aiden preparing to attack, but he must have decided against it. Then Kiki spoke, “Why do you want to kill Kyo-Chan?" JC looked to Kiki, and his look softened, "I'll tell you, but only because you remind me of my sister. I'm here to kill Kyo, because I was told by a man wearing a black robe, that Kyo had killed my sister".

    Aiden stepped up, "And so you would believe the words of a complete stranger? I know how it feels to lose someone close to you, Kyo knows that pain as well. We had a friend... No. More than that, a sister, to be killed in front of our face. Well, I think I only saw a decoy being killed, but Kyo......actually saw her die." I looked at JC, he didn't look interested in listening to reason, "So....... are you guys gonna leave so I can kill Kyo in a fair fight? I'm giving him the honor of dying on his feet with a sword in his hand." Kiki thought for a moment then said, "JC-San? What if your sister was never killed, just lost, perhaps?" JC looked irritated, "Please don't address me with such honorifics! You know nothing about me......." I interrupted him, "JC, was it? If you will not finish that sentence, if your sister is still living, I'll help you find her. It's what Kagami would want me to do." JC finally let go of my throat, and Aiden rushed to help me. JC then said, "Alright, Kyo of the Eternal Thunder, I'll go along with you people. However, if I find that my sister truly is dead.....I'll kill you without hesitation." This was getting to quite the colorful caravan.

    That Night

    We decided to rest for the night. JC went with Solstice to find firewood. Kiki and Lena went to get water. Aiden, Kagami and I stayed guard at the campsite. Aiden looked as if he wanted to talk, so I said, "It's been a while Aiden. You know, since the three of us have been together. Just like old times...." Aiden suddenly interrupted me, "I'm sorry, Kyo. And you as well Kagami." I was curious, “For what?" Aiden looked like he wanted to cry, but he couldn't, so he said, “For accusing you of killing Kagami, Kyo. And for not being able to protect Kagami. She was with you Kyo. I've learned the truth. As I said earlier, the Kagami I saw killed, and the Kyo who killed her, and the Aiden you saw kill her.....were Doppelgangers. You were with Kagami when she was killed, and I may have found out who planned this whole thing. A man named Takahara." I looked up and saw everyone else returning, "We'll talk about this later. They're back."

    Kiki and I set up the firewood, and Aiden set the fire. Then Lena started to cook some food. I had some knowledge of living off the land, so I went out hunting. I killed a rather nice boar, so I headed back to the camp. However, when I got back to the camp, everyone was gone. I looked around a little and I found a note.

    "To Kyo,
    Kyo, if your reading this note, then that means we've left. This adventure will be dangerous and Kiki and I don't want to see anything happen to you. Just wait in this forest for our return. If anyone is to die on this journey, it should be me. You've suffered enough. If we never see each other again.....Goodbye, My brother.
    Signed, Aiden Rai

    I was shocked. 'What! They're leaving me behind! NO! THIS IS JUST LIKE BEFORE! ALL THOSE YEARS AGO! NO!!!'. The memories of Isolation triggered a change within me. My body shape altered to a more feline shape. I felt claws sprouting from my fingers and toes. I was becoming more cat-like. And then, I lost control of my body. I blacked out.....

    I've gone Full-Neko. What's going to happen next? Wait, isn't Tsukasa-Sensei? I thought she died when I went to train with Death-Sensei. Next Time: The Truth is Unveils! Kyo’s Family