• "Snap out of it Star!" Keya said.
    "Huh, what?" I said. Lately I had been losing my focus more easily.
    "I said 'snap out of it'. Where do you go sometimes?"
    "I dunno... Hi Jimmy, whats up?" I said seeing Jimmy headed over to our table.
    "Nothin' much, you?" Jimmy said casually. Jimmy had been my best friend since 1st grade, I met Keya in 5th and we've been one little unbreakable group ever since.
    "I got a B in biology, and Star got an A as usual." Keya replied with a smirk.
    "How do you do it?" Jimmy demanded, pointing at me.
    "I study when you go to parties." I said. "Maybe you should try it sometime."
    "Ha ha, very funny." Jimmy replied sarcastically.
    "I know I am." I replied smugly.