• The night was cold and dark when the red fog clouded my mind, when the thirst was still unquenchable no matter how much I ate or drank. I was a vampire and I was on my own. In this country where so many unknowing humans lurked at night it was dangerous, and me being a new vampire didn’t help that I was on my own either.
    My vampire instincts finally took over when the burning in my throat became unbearable and I searched for my first meal.
    After I sucked dry this poor little drunk man the red fog went away and I could finally think clearly. I had to get away from Thatch my former lover especially like this. There’s no telling what could happen with me a vampire. I could even kill him because I’m not under control. I have to get away from all human civilization I am now a monster and I can not be stopped.
    So now my journey starts as I have to leave my home land and start a new life as a new born vampire.