• Maria.

    Maria was next. Ty encouraged me, and pet my head again, reassuring me that everything would be alright. I didn't believe him, but I had work to do. I could mourn more later. I rubbed my red eyes clear, and listened obediently to my angle, nodding my head when appropriate. I was to do the same thing as I had with...the boy...but Maria was in a different place. She was in America. In Southern California actually. I had visited the brisk mountain of Big Bear several times before. It was winter, which meant several feet of snow would be expected. I didn't mind much, I like the cold more then the hot. It was the getting wet part that made me mad.

    Ty showed me to a room in his house that he had provided just for me. It had almost everything. As an angle, you are going to go to almost every place on earth, so you need to be prepared. As I laced up the thick black boots, Ty provided me with more information.

    "Remember, she isn't dead quite yet. She will be able to see you when you make contact with her, so have a plan ready, don't just stroll up into her house and take her soul away. That's rude." I nodded, and stood up, glancing at the wintry apparel I was now donning. As I hopped up and down in the boots, Ty suddenly wrapped his arms around me in a tight hug. Confused, and a little happy, I curled my arms back around him.

    Crunch, crunch, crunch, crunch. My legs sunk down three feet with every step. I was okay with snow, it was no enemy of mine. But, there where streets. Streets where the snow-plows made a quick run. Thees areas where lethal! Twice did my heel slip right over the ice, and force me to dance ridiculously in the street for a while before I caught my balance. It was embarrassing, and frightening. The last thing I wanted now was to fall, crack open my skull and see gold blood run all over the street. THAT wouldn't keep me calm at all.
    I eventually reach the cabin with my victim. I followed my instincts with Maria, I knew everything she did while I was looking for her. My plan was already set in my head, so I eagerly out it to action.

    My red, frozen knuckles rapped on the front door several times. I heard a loud thump, and a few scuttles before it was opened. When it was, my mouth opened, prepared to begin my rehearsed monologue. Before I could get a word out though, the door shut again. "Just some stupid teenager causing trouble." The woman who had answered clarified to the house. I blinked.

    The woman looked a little familiar. I had spent a few days here once, and met...oh! She had lost her Chihuahua! Bug. I helped her find him again. I...gave her my name. DAMMIT! Ty said anyone who knew my name wouldn't be able to see me. I had already messed up. How was I supposed to get to Maria now?

    I crunched my way to the side of the house, determined to find a way. I made my way to Maria's window, and glanced through the open wood blinds. She was in her bed. She was about my age, a little older perhaps. She was very pretty, even though she looked horrible. Her skin was very pale, and her breathing was labored. I sighed, and spun around, using my new ability to materialize into her room.

    My original plan had been to identify myself as a visitor, and see her that way...but this proved to be quite simple too. I sat down on the edge of Maria's bed, and gently pet her calf. Now, I had to wait for her to die, so I could take her away.

    I wasn't sure what was wrong with her, I suspected a disease again. What else could it be? Hypothermia? After a few moments, her breathing slowed to a halt. That was my cue.

    I lifted her soul from her limp body, and twirled around until I saw the black gate before my eyes. I set the beautiful girl down on her feet ten feet away from the gate, and sat on the floor, waiting for her to make a decision. A few minuets later, Ty joined me, sitting directly behind me and massaging my shoulders happily.

    "You did very well." He praised, working a knot I was unaware of out of my shoulder. I sighed dreamily, and grinned. I was very proud of myself.

    My gaze didn't remove from Maria for a moment. I was channeling the thought for her to go through the gate mentally over and over. I watched as she took a step. A step away. "Oh my god...Ty." I pleaded in worry, standing up. He stood up behind me, and I could tell he was just as anxious as I was. I made my mental contact stronger. It didn't help. Maria took a few more steps away.

    "Ty!" I begged, wanting him to do something to help me. He just shook his head. He couldn't do anything. Just as I predicted, Maria turned around, and walked away from the gate.

    I didn't chase her. It didn't matter. I dropped to my knees, pressing my forehead against the ground and crying silently. I felt Ty kneel down, and run his hand over my back gently, trying in vain to sooth me.

    I couldn't save anyone.