• Mahou Fest '09
    It was approaching the time for the Mahora Festival, a lazy time of the year for the school and it was starting to get colder for the end of the year.
    "Class, the Mahora Festival is approaching and.. It will not be any excuse for you to miss class. I expect you all to come up with a good suggestion for our class and enjoy doing this... Comprehend?" Miss Lossëhelin's voice drifted in the
    Salenyia was still rather new to the school customs despite her being there for a while, upon hearing that her class needed to come up with an even that year to host and hopefully gain money from it, she paused to think for a moment before she opened her mouth, 'Look, class 2-A is doing the Haunted House... Why not we do a cafe..?' her suggestion wasn't exactly agreed with much enthusiasm but Joseph who doubled as a cook seemed to somewhat agree with it, briefly glancing at Shiori, she didn't seem to have much against the idea. She threw a brief smile at her before letting her eyes drift to Mamoru and he seemed to be alright with it. Pausing for a moment, Salenyia remembered that Mamoru served at Chao Bao Zi.
    There did not seem to be any objections as far as Miss Lossëhelin could see and so, the decision was made, surely.
    Miss Lossëhelin seemed to be flustered for a moment but soon the class began to chirp up, "Sure, yeah, I mean I did want to slack..." or perhaps, "Why not, we can give it a go..?" Salenyia rolled her eyes but Mamoru seemed to be glaring accusingly at her pointedly saying, You sure you didn't play a part in that..?
    Salenyia laughed before returning a thought of her own, I didn't do much... All I did was use my power of persuasion...
    Mamoru seemed to roll his eyes vaguely but by then the entire class seemed alright with the idea and Miss Lossëhelin nodded, writing on a sheet of paper, "I will submit that idea in... I'm glad you all are starting to act like a class... I was somewhat worried, but I see my worries were misplaced..." she chuckled before opening the door and leaving.

    By then, the entire class seemed to agree with one another that the idea was alright, Salenyia was relieved, she had previously worried that it would've taken more time than she had thought but no, it was a lot faster than she originally thought. Just then, the bell rang and class was over, at least thats how it seemed but apparently, class was cut short for the preparation of the Festival itself. The class was determined to get the tables arranged and covered with tables that resembled Starbook's furniture, the chairs were a different matter but they soon settled for the high tables at the side of the classroom with silver tables in the middle of the room with chairs and as for the menu; Tea with sugar and milk, Coffee, Iced Chocolate, Croissants, Sandwiches, Biscuits and some other pastries served with other western food. The classroom would be shielded from the blinding light of the day with some shades; those were red with several patterns scattered on it.

    When these things were bought from the vast campus, the room was soon set to the ideal setting for the Cafe, all they had to do is wait for the day to come.

    Day 1

    The festival had flown into perspective sooner than Salenyia originally thought but she still embraced having something less than a routine for a life for the past few days. Her roommate had woken up really early and turned on the lights, she pulled the covers up to over her head muttering obscenities and wondering aloud what the reason was why he had woken up so early, her roommate laughed before pulling the covers from her head and laughing, ‘It’s the Mahora Festival, get up or you’ll be late...’ Salenyia yawned as she swung her legs off the top bunk before making her way down, to the showers. After her showers she made her way to her phone and checked for messages and one had come, ‘Maid uniform or Gothic Lolita.’ She had forgotten about the theme of the Cafe and thank goodness someone had reminded her. She rummaged in her closet and pulled out a black top with a little black lace and a skirt that seemed to resemble an English school girls’ skirt. Pulling her top on and her skirt, she rearranged her long silver hair and tied on her black choker with a silver bell.
    Upon her arrival she opened the door to her classroom and she caught sight of the people in her class bustling about and they were dressed in gothic theme, it gave her a shiver of excitement as she saw her classmates dressed differently. The cafe seemed to be open with a few customers and she was approached by Miss Lossëhelin, “Hello Salenyia... Here’s the roster I came up with and you’ll be on duty only later in the afternoon... As for tomorrow, you’ll be on in the morning and on the last day, you’re off duty... We have many people who have volunteered for the last day so... Work hard...” Miss Lossëhelin smiled as she walked off. Salenyia was somewhat stunned by its suddenness and nodded only a few moments later. She caught sight of Mamoru working as she smiled briefly at him, before turning to Kyouko and Shiori who looked over her shoulder and they glanced at the roster she had in her hand, they were on similar time slots. She smiled, ‘So... Who’s up for a walk around the school?”
    Shiori and Kyouko volunteered themselves since they did not have much to do then, and they left the main block together strolling around, attracting customers for the Cafe, Salenyia turned her head for a moment as she spotted a sign, “Mahora Fighting Tournament, Preliminaries, sign up.” She gestured at the sign, “Oi... Do you think we should join...?” Shiori laughed, “Why not..?”
    Kyouko on the other shook her head silently, “Not for me...” Salenyia silently pouted and nodded, “Got it...” she went up to the counter and penned her name down together with Shiori’s before she turned to the people behind the counter, "Am I going to have to apply for insurance, just in case?" she asked, cheekily. The guy behind looked up from the counter, "Perhaps just for you... In case someone here kills you." The other two flanking him chuckled, as she mildly blushed, "Roundhouse Chopori Kiiiiick!" she snarled, kicking out, one man collapsed from the impact as he collapsed onto the other two as they silently kept their eyes on her.
    Salenyia laughed and grabbed Shiori's hand as she burst into the preliminary room, there was a red-headed boy whom she recognized as the form tutor from Class 2-A, another black haired boy whom she managed to know as Kotaro, Setsuna- the Kendo girl and a few others whom she didn't really recognise.
    Soon, the preliminary list was drawn up and Salenyia was placed against one guy that looked like a cross between a wrestler and a weight lifter, after waiting for what seemed to be forever, the match started in the ring, the guy was introduced as Ichiro, and her name was said and the rules explained, she silently ruled out magic until something bigger happened, but till then, she would still have her fighting skills, she stood in a protective stance, since weapons were not allowed, she would just have to hang in there with her bare hands, Ichiro snarled a battle cry as he glared pointedly at her, sighing silently, Ichiro reached out and picked her up with a single hand, Salenyia shrieked for a moment as she did a flick and hung her legs onto his hand before striking out to kick his face, all she got was him clutching his face, letting go off her and letting her fall to the floor with a hard 'thmp!' Salenyia glared at Ichiro before grabbing hold of his shirt and with a loud tell, she pulled him to the ground before, turning around and grabbed his muscle on his neck which agonised him.
    How did she find out? Well, she is a mind reader after all. How did the fight end? With Ichiro passing out from the pain and the blood oozing out from his neck, so yes, Salenyia got through with her eyes fading red every now and then and with her clutching her nose. Upon that, the second round started with Salenyia being matched against a stern looking girl with green eyes and long black hair and two ribbons.
    Shiori on the other hand was against a slender guy with short black hair that held a wooden rod in his hand. She broke the rod with her touch and she flicked her hair aside before lunging for his neck.
    "Hibata-chan... All the best..." she smiled as Hinata Hibata started, she seemed to being lunging out to attack her but, she had a flaw. "Too slow..." she laughed as she used a hand and pushed the coming palm downwards to a more helpless position as she flicked her fingers up into her face, before she kicked Hinata's abdomen, Hinata recovered fast before throwing a fast punch to Salenyia's face, Salenyia reacted fast after, pushing the other hand away and using her hand to flip Hinata over her shoulder against the ground, without her intention to, ice began to spread down her hand. Just as she snapped her fingers, Hinata caught her off guard and slammed her to the ground. Blood came out of her mouth as she spat at the ground, grabbing Hinata's hand, she pushed it aside before she reached for Hinata's neck.
    "TIMES OUT!!!!!!!!"
    The bell rang loudly with Salenyia realising she went through; Hinata had been knocked out with Salenyia's grip on her throat. Salenyia turned her head slightly as she glanced at Shiori's ring, she had choked her opponent too. Salenyia sighed in her mind as she sent a thought to Shiori, both of them having beaten their opponents. 'It would be so much easier fulling killing opponents rather than just knocking them out... Don't you agree...?' Salenyia noticed a smile cross her face, as she got the message, nodding her head.

    Salenyia sighed as she sat aside and she glanced at the wound on her leg, she sighed before licking her finger and sliding the saliva along the wound, watching it close as she took her towel and wiped her face clearing out any blood. As for her inside wounds... She couldn't do anything about it, they would take a lot longer to heal from the inside out.

    Salenyia glanced at her watch, she had a few more minutes before her shift at the cafe would start again, she glanced at Shiori, "The preliminaries are over... We're on duty next." she smiled, Shiori nodded in return, grinning. 'Race you there' she said, only in Shiori's mind. They soon started off as they left the area and they started for the classroom. Shiori and Salenyia whizzed past all the areas they knew, with their laughter drifting from their mouths, them enjoying themselves.

    As they ran, they somehow had the feeling that this simple friendship would turn to a fight in the near future.

    Day 2

    Salenyia woke that morning, happily and eagerly, without her roommate's help, it was just dawn and not much activity was out and about. Changing into another set of clothes, she yawned as she headed off towards the world tree. As she entered into the circle of the world tree, she felt the sudden pull of magic and was somewhat shocked to see the World Tree glowing, not brightly, but bright enough to be noticed in early dawn. As her eyes drifted around the area, she spotted the teacher from 2-A, Negi Springfield. He seemed to have much on his mind for this early in the morning as she went for a little tour of his mind, Negi was up early and training, glancing at his stances, she realised he was practicing Chinese martial arts, then again, something about it was different. It was as though there was a certain magical air around it.

    Shaking her head to distract herself from the magical scene, she yawned again before heading to her lass to help with the second days set up. That morning, she was on duty and Shiori had shifted her duty to share the same with her. Kyouko was in the later shift, covering lunchtime, but she had promised to try and watch their matches that day.

    Salenyia and Shiori worked hard and well for that day, till they were dismissed, a funny sight really. Just then, a girl whom they recognized as Ayaka Yukihiro from class 2-A approached them, "Salenyia-san... Shiori-san... Is it true you are in the Fighting Tournament?" Barely waiting for their nod, she laughed, "All the best and, if you do end up fighting Negi-san... Do go easy on him!" she laughed as she exited their sightline, leaving Shiori and Salenyia momentarily stunned. They soon nodded briefly before they sighed; they had little intention on going easy on anyone.
    That day, Salenyia and Shiori were matched against different people and as promised Kyouko dropped by to watch, towing Mamoru along, with Salenyia raising an eyebrow at him, trying to communicate, he laughed before thinking; Kyouko wouldn't let me stay behind, she insisted I came...

    Salenyia smiled appreciatively as she continued her way to fight against someone named Kotaro; whom she vaguely remembered as Negi-san's friend. She picked an image out of his head, suggesting he was an Inugami, he could conjure up dark replications of wild dogs and wolves. She creased an eyebrow silently, till she suddenly picked out a flaw. She could absorb the essences and use it against their master.

    The battle against Kotaro started with a loud cheer for Kotaro, she silently rolled her eyes; sexists. Smiling silently, she caught the expression on his face before she smiled, dignified, "Kotaro-san. Don't hold back..." He rolled his eyes before crudely replying, "Your progress in this tournament shall end here! Without me lifting a finger..." Salenyia sighed silently; guys were all the same. He lunged toward her with his palm curled, ready strong, she whipped her head upwards as she avoided his blows, before she stepped back and did a quick side step before disappearing and reappearing behind him and using the back of her hand to hold him in a chokehold. She twisted herself around as she pulled it backwards, blocking the air supply to his lungs before flipping herself and pushing her weight to land him on the ground with a 'thud' he desperately conjured up a pack of those demons setting them onto her, with her not relinquishing her grip on his throat. She silently let her eyes glaze forth as she jammed her hand out in front of her, absorbing the energy before releasing it, with her will now in their minds, they lunged forth to attack Kotaro.

    "ANNNNDD.... He's OUT!!" the voice came, louder and harsher than before. Glancing at the twin ring, she caught Shiori's eye as she silently wiped her opponent out just as she turned to face Salenyia. Smiling at each other they grinned, before they exited the ring silently, before giving each other high fives.

    As they left the ring, Salenyia sighed and pulled out her wallet, "You know what; I'll treat you to a drink at the cafe..." They left towards to the Starbooks cafe and Shiori waltzed to the counter, "Two Latte's..." she smiled as the drinks were readied and she gladly footed the bill. As the duo had their drinks, they discussed matters but somehow they felt that this happiness wouldn't last.

    Day 3

    The last day came sooner than they expected with them getting a shock; the final placings were out; Shiori and Salenyia were matched against each other. They entered the ring, facing each other as they let their eyes linger around the rings, watching the others fight. They had gotten so far in, and the least they would get was third place.

    "I'm sorry Shiori..." she sighed, as she stood at one side of the ring as her opponent only rolled her eyes, laughing, Shiori shook her head, "Whatever..."

    The bell rung for the start of the match with them lunging to attack each other, but neither used their full strength. "Just knock me out already!" Salenyia screeched at Shiori as they only threatened with hits. Shiori only shook her head, Salenyia rolled her eyes. Fine.

    She silently sighed within as she struck out and only managed to hit Shiori in the ribs. A small crack was audible but Shiori retaliated fast, striking back and kicking her in the face. Salenyia straightened as she rubbed her palm onto her cheek, "Ow..."

    They smiled at each other as they started again, this time, faster then the others would've seen. Struck in the stomach, winded and wounded, Salenyia struck out hitting the cheekbone and making her bleed, her cheek had blood trickling, and Shiori had her ribs busted, they both sighed and soon Salenyia realised that firstly, shiori had conjured ice up that had held her in place, she sighed as she twisted her hand round that broke the ice. "Painful and brittle... And inefficient..." she smiled, as she played a few mind tricks of her own, jerking her hand of the cold ice, she smiled silently, as Shiori did a bad backflip landing on her back, hard.

    Salenyia soon landed with her hand on Shiori's neck and likewise; with the time slowly ticking away, the sight in front of her eyes began to blur and she saw tears in shiori's eyes too as her sight blurred too. Salenyia gasped, "I'm sorry."

    Shiori nodded, "Me too..."

    They both choked and then they seemed to collapse, the last thing Salenyia heard was the bell ringing, "They're both out. It's a DRAW...." Shiori and Salenyia seemed to black out at the same time.

    After minutes, and almost an hour, Salenyia jerked upwards and she woke up glancing to the side of her bed and spotting Shiori in the other bed. Smiling at her sleeping figure, she turned to face another side, and spotted Mamoru curled in a chair, Salenyia glanced at her wounds and felt them heal almost lazily after she had stunned the developments.

    She sat up as she dusted her clothes and she moved off the bed and she glanced outside the window before she left the comforts of that room as she walked around and spotted Chao Bao Zi before she bought five meat buns, with them steaming, she also bought three lattes. As she made her way back to the room, she spotted Mamoru awake but seemingly dazed as she tossed a meat bun at his face, with him somewhat shocked, catching the bun just in time.

    As Salenyia sat on the bed again she smiled, "I checked the results... A draw... Something she would've wanted... With a bun and a latte." She placed a latte and two meat buns by the bedside table as she gave a latte to Mamoru and she sighed as she had her buns before Mamoru stopped short.

    "Salenyia... Why do you and Shiori get two buns each... And I only get one?"

    Salenyia grinned cheekily, "That's cause we're hungrier after all out fights..."

    Times after Mahou Fest '09 would in turn be better and we leave the scene where Shiori wakes up to Mamoru squabbling with Salenyia, Kyouko bursting through the door with a smile and a tackle and Salenyia surrendering her bun to Kyouko.

    And as both Salenyia and Shiori stood on the pedestal holding the prize together, they would never had been happier to share it. There's the end to a story of friendship, with no magic and string attached.