• Chapter 1: A strange dream.

    (a black room with a teenage boy in it)
    Voice: “Come, come to us, we need you… You are our last hope.”
    Phil: “What? I? What can I do? And who are you?”
    Voice: “Come, come to us, we need you… We will die… If you don’t help us!”
    Phil: “I am just a teenager, how could I help you?”
    Voice: “You are the chosen one!”
    Phil: “But, why me and how can I come to you?”
    Voice: “You will see, when you see it!”

    After the last word Phil woke up, he was full with sweat.

    Phil: “Wow that was a strange dream. Why should I be a chosen one? And for what?”

    Phil had a quick view on the clock: 8:32 am.

    Phil: “Oh damn, I am mush too late.”

    Phil dressed himself for school and hurried to his bike and hoped that he wouldn’t be mush too late.
    After school, Phil, who was just one minute in the classroom, before the teacher came in, decided that he could do his homework together with his best friend Carl, instead of doing it alone. On their way to Carls home he suddenly felt as if there was something different, but he was not able to put his finger on it. It seems as if it was very cold, but it was summer and there were no clouds in the sky. He decided to ignore it and to hurry a bit more, because Carl uses the bus and was at home already.
    As he reached his friends home, he had this feeling again. This time it was stronger and even colder and everything seems to be slower for some seconds.
    He was still not in the mood for something like this, so he decided just to make the homework with Carl and then go home.


    He was on his way home, it was already after 6pm, and He had the cold feeling again and this time the time completely freezed. And some kind of a portal appeared.

    Phil: “What the hell is happening here?”
    Voice from the dream: “Come help us, we need you…”
    Phil: “What can I do?”
    Voice: “Enter the portal! We need you…”
    Phil was slowly going to the portal in front of him, his arm slowly raised and touched the portal, as he did this he was pulled into it…

    Chapter 2: The awakening

    As Phil awoke, was he in some kind of cave. Suddenly, a tall men, who was wearing a torn robe and something that looked like a ninja mask, came into the cave.
    ???: “So, you are awaken. I know who you are, you are the one to safe us all, right?”
    The man had a really strange voice; it was not very loud, but very deep.
    Phil: “I am supposed to.”
    Talos: “Oh, how impolite from me, my name is Talos.”
    Phil: “My name is Phillip.”
    Talos: “I have to bring you to the keepers. But that won`t be easy.”
    Phil: “The keepers?”
    Talos: “Yes, they know what to do now, but they hate my race.”
    Phil: “Your race? I thought you were a human just like me.”
    Talos: “Ah that’s how you call your race. You have to know, well.”
    He pulled away the robe from his right arm and Phil was shocked as he saw it. Instead of a arm there was just a half arm and it was just the bones. Talos was an undead.
    Talos: “I lost it back when I was alive.”
    Phil: “You, you are a zombie?”
    Talos: “No, that’s a very big different, I am a living dead. Zombies are like animals, while we are just like the other races. But they don`t understand this.”
    Phil: “Ok, what are the other races?”
    Talos: “There are too many to list, but the most important and mightiest are: The elves, the dwarfs, the keepers, the anthros, the orcs, the trolls, the dark elves, the demons and us undead.”
    Phil: “Wow, that’s a lot!”
    Talos: “There are much more, but now get ready! We will start in a few minutes.”
    Phil: “What do I have to do?”
    Talos: “Here take this.”
    Talos gave Phil a sword, while Phil was looking at it, Talos tied a Katana to his half arm and put another on his back.
    Talos: “I found this on my last victim. You must know, I am a master assassin.”
    Phil: “Wow, but I don’t know how to use a sword.”
    Talos: “That’s easy; just kill your enemy with it”
    Talos did something that sounded a bit like a laugh.
    Talos: “And now, come!”
    They headed out of the cave and started their way to the keepers.”