• Through Destruction We Seek Redemption.

    I was born on April 4th, a furry husky by a human mom and dad. That just didn’t seem possible. But many things in life don’t seem possible either. So I might as well start of talking about my parents. As I mentioned, they’re human and are both very, very nice. They will do anything for me. This is supposed to make me happy and it does, even though my dad that isn’t there all the time and my mom is working all the time. They just leave me with my brother. I have a brother and a sister that love me. They’re both human too; brother is a little bit weird. He hugs me all the time. Even though my sister moved away, she has still been there for me. I love them all. However, am very different from every one else. It supposed to happen, it was planned by god.(It was God’s design for me to be this way) that is right I am a Christian.

    When I was born the doctor had no clue what to do with me. I am a rare species that has not been a big hit in North Carolina. But through all the things, nothing can stop what god gives us naturally, Let me back track the story to when I was six years old and in the 1st grade in a regular all human school.

    I went there mainly because my brother was going there, I am the youngest in my family, with a brother who is three years older than me. He still goes to the same school as me. I was a new person to the school, and yet no one liked me because I was a husky. It didn't make since, Why didn’t anyone want to talk to me? I would come up to someone and say, "Hello." They would stare and say in a weird way "hi,” never saying another word to me unless we were in a group project.

    Two days into the first grade I finally met a person who didn't care about my fur. His name was General and he, too, was human. It made me so happy to actually get to converse with someone new. The fact I was a furry and he still wanted to talk!

    General was a short person, well for his age. he had long, black hair and had a really high voice. We had a conversation at lunch one day. He started out with "hi," followed by my simple “hello,” then the conversation kicked up to a new level.

    "Have you ever played a play station before?" he asked. I had no clue what he was talking about.
    "No, What is it?” I answered. “It is a gaming device that lets you play a game. Do you know what a game is?" He asked.

    I thought for a minute, then said "Yeah, momma has one on the computer that my brother plays all of the time." then he quickly looked at me and said. "Well, you'll have to come over to my house some time. I’ll let you play!" He said.

    I went home that day and asked my mom if I could get one. She had an answer that she always says. "maybe." she always says it for any question about what I needed. So I knew what to do because she always says it. All you have to do is ask her again later. Then I asked her about ten minutes later. And she answered

    “well who do you want to come over” so I explained that he was a human whose name was general. She said “well that is an interesting name.” And she said

    "well you can, just not tomorrow. It is supposed to rain and you don’t need and you don't need to get your fur wet." I answered "yay! I love you mommy!" and she said "good night."

    so the next day when I got to school, I saw general and said "hey dude, I talked to my mom and she said it was ok if I come over tomorrow." he said "ok, My mom said it was ok to!" so then we talked about each other and our parents.

    So when I got home my family and I played a board game called risk. And after that I went to bed.

    When I went to school the next day general said "dude I’ve already got everything planned for today." then a random person came up to me and said “what’s today?" I answered "today is.. Umm... I think Friday right general? He said "ya! Because he is coming over to my house today!" then I accidentally sitting on my tail yelled "OUCH!" he said "what’s wrong?" I answered "whoopsie. I just sat on my tail!" he said "how does that feel?" I answered "you know how feel when you bite your tongue?" he said "ouch that should hurt." well we kept talking about what the plans were for the day then I went home in the rain and sat on the computer and asked my mom "mommy. I need to set up an email address." she answered "maybe" and there was that word again. Well I had my plan. Waited for a little while and then answered. "Hey mommy? Can I set up an email address?" she said “why?" I said “I want to talk to my dad from there." she said "okay!" well she showed me how to do make an email. And went to school the next day with my stuffed furry (what I Am. an animal that can walk and talk) in my pocket. Because I was going to ride home with him, And met General at lunch again and said "hey!" he said in a really low and sad tone "hey" I said "what’s wrong buddy?" he said "there is someone bullying me at recess." I answered "hey dude? You want me to talk to him?" he said “would you do that for me?" I said "sure!" so right after lunch we went to recess. "His name is Calvin." and I answered "okay where is he?" he replied "he is right behind that swing" he said while pointing toward the swing set. I said "okay!" then I started to walk over to this really big kid that was standing by the swing. I felt really nervous and said "hey are you Calvin?" he said "ya!" I said "well you really need to leave my friend alone!" he said "who is he" I replied not feeling nervous "his name is..." then I got interrupted by a punch that nearly hit my face. But I dodged it landing a punch that landed straight in the nose! He fell to the ground! I picked this very big kid up and said "leave him alone, in fact leave every one alone!" me feeling the adrenaline running through my veins. Turned to Chris and said “he want touch you ever again" then went to the teacher and said "can I go to the bathroom to clean myself off.” Mrs. Averet said “yes dear, but stop by the office. I already new that wasn’t good, and talked myself into going there. Because our principal Mrs. Adams, was a very big and tall lady. She is a nice person. It is a very scary person to stand beside a six years old. She was at least 6"1'. And me being 3"2' is at her waist. This is not a good spot to be at. So I went to the bathroom and cleaned my fur. And then walked to the office which seemed like a 10 min walk, went there in at least 30 seconds. When I opened the door she called my name and said "please. Have a seat." me shivering sat down. And said "yes mam." she said "why did you hit that poor boy?" I answered "he was bullying my only friend and I, t.t.ttold him to leave him alone. And then he tried to hit Me." she said "alright honey. If it makes you feel better. You broke his nose." me feeling no pride but just sadness and scared said "i am sorry. Please don’t call my mommy at least until the weekend!" she answered "ok. You may leave." then as soon as I got up. she looked at my pants that have a cut hole for my tail and a shirt that were both hand me downs. And said "hey, nice outfit! It looks nice with the dirt all over it!" and she giggled and I walked out. And shocked it was already time to go. Because recess was the last thing in the day, so I met general at the door. And walked out to his mom’s car that was surprisingly there really early! And jumped in the car and took my book bag off. Generals’ mom got in a conversation. General said "meet my friend." "What is his name?" "Umm, I think it was mark, Right." "Yea my name is mark. Geaz la wees! You can’t figure out my name it is a really easy name!" I said. Well the very short drive to this nice neighborhood that general had. And I starred at his house. And looked at the nice little house that looked really wide compared to mine! And saw the neighbors around and said "so do you know any huskies?" general said "nope you are the only one!" and then his mom randomly cut in and said "well neither have I! Well then again I new a fox and a dragon. And I think a weasel!" I never new of these types, and then I thought to myself. So there are others! Which made me happy, I had never new there was any other furriers! So after she took at least 30 seconds to open the door, then we got in and went straight to generals’ room. And he got on a game called WWE VS. SMACKDOWN. And I played as a man named the rock. Who was a short but muscular black dude. And general played as a big white dude named curt cobain. He discussed with me the controls. Then we played for a little while. And then I played the first round and lost. Then the second time I won only because I figured out how to pick up a weapon. Then he went to his computer and said "have you ever heard of a game called." then he went shuffling through is computer stuff. And finally picking up a big box, He opened up the big box and started searching through the 100s of games that were in there. And finally came up with a game called. Red alert, And said “have you ever played this game?" I answered while reading the disk. "No. it looks weird. Who is the man with the weird eye on the front?" "Ooh, he is Mr. Killer. That is what I call him." I answered with astonishment "wow that is a very interesting name." all of a suddenly a tall kid that was at least a year older than man busts in and yells "hello yall! I came to see if you have my game!" Chris answered "no. tool had it the last time I saw it." "Dangit, I need it! My mommy needs it." I just randomly busted into the conversation "whose tool?" he said "you wouldn't know him. He goes to our school. But..." I jumped in and said "well I understand is he shy?" "Yes he is very, Very shy." I knew that he wouldn't know me because he said that he was shy. He didn’t know me because I was different. Well, we just kept playing. And then we went to sleep. And woke up and my mom was already there. So I left and went home and still fell asleep. I was so tired but I didn’t know why. I just did it because I was bored. Then when I woke up early the next day my mom said "you up sleepy head?" she waited for a little while then said "well that is a good answer. You got to get up. It Saturday! And your dad is coming home in a week! And we need to clean up!" and then I jumped up and said "hey! Did dad get me anything from Afghanistan? She answered I a jumpy way "yea but he told me not to tell you!" well I did a lot of chores that day. And then went to sleep. And then when I woke up the next day. And by mom again, for church then went home and did more work. And fell asleep again but earlier. They say that huskies fall asleep really early when they work hard. But I just did what I was told. Then when I went to school on Monday I talked to general and tool walked up to me and general. And said "my name is tool" he stuttered a little but I said "howdy doody!" he giggled and said "hey." then we got in even more conversations. Mainly about the game system that general
    Has, and tool said that he had one to. I thought that general was the only one because I had never even heard of it. Well I went home and my mom was waiting at the door. And she said "I understand why you beat that boy up. But why did you do it?" me feeling very very afraid said "he bullied my friend and I didn’t like him doing that. So he threw the first punch and I through the last one. And he is not even talking to him or anyone any more." she said "it’s ok, I get it. You will be grounded though because violence is not the answer." I understood and did my homework and fell asleep. So, I am just going to skip to the next week because nothing very important happened. It’s just that he left me alone and I sat on my tail a lot! But other than that no. well I am going to skip to my fathers’ arrival. So, anyway back to the story! So when we got to the airport we waited for at least fifteen minutes because. The plane was late. We waited. And we saw him and I ran up and hugged him! And yelled "daddy!" he said "how is my peanut?" I said "happy why?" then my brother said "fine no hugs for me?" my brother was at least 8 and was a good joke maker. Made my brother laugh and said "that was a good sarcastic joke. And I love sarcastic jokes!" then gave my brother Michael a hug. And my brother said "well, I don’t know about you. But I love you." so then we picked up his bags. And went to the car, And I sat in the back and yelled "OUCH!" and my brother said "what?" at the same time my dad said it. My sister wasn’t there because she couldn’t fit in our Toyota corolla. And I answered "I sat on my tail." well we drove home safely and went back home. And my dad had to sleep. Jet lag makes us all tired. He was in a plain for 2 days. So I went to bed to. When I woke up at 7 in the morning like I always did. I watched the news. Which I have never done, then there are always was something about a murdering in Charlotte, which seemed to always happen. Because it has always seemed to happen because it was at one time the most violent city. And yet always something happened. No matter what did it was always put on the news badly. It was there job to do it. And they get paid to do it. But they got caught. But why was it my problem, I live at least 90 to 120 miles away. But we always herd about it. But for some reason furrys was never on the TV. So, I just went on with my life because I thought that life was always supposed to be fun. So I went to school. So I had fun. And came back home and slept because my dad was still sleeping and I had no homework. So I said see you in the morning. And when my dad woke up he said that we could stay home today. And we did we played risk. That is when my mom decided that risk was a bad name. The object of risk is global domination. And you are supposed to draw a card. Then if the card said that you need you put a horse on lets say... Brazil. Then you put a horse or 5 men on Brazil. Well my dad had at lest 20 horses and 5 cannons/50 men open a country right beside my mom. And I had at least 6 cannons and 8 horses on the right of my moms’ country. And then my brother had at least 9 cannons and 6 horses. So my mom was practically screwed. Both sides and the one above here were taken over. So my mom had no where to go. And she said "well no matter what I am going to die" so I will just have to quit. Because she was so angry, that she didn’t care who she got killed by. she new that it was going to be a long fight because you have to at least roll a dice and if you get a number higher than the other person. You take one man away. So, we had a fight of at least 120 or 150 men. And well we didn’t finish the war until the next day. But my dad always won at that game, he was unbeatable because. he would weaken the most obvious men there. then he will get my brother to weaken them to. And then that one man who is so weaken he could easily kill me with 15 men. So then while my brother is going all across the world to kill some man, he would reinforce his own army. Then he would kill my brothers head quarters. And then my brother would have such a weak army that he would send only cannon and wipe out his force. And that was it. Well we all had good times. And my brother usually cheated. So. We all went to school the next day tired. And missed homework. So my teacher got mad again. And well that was it... and then about 4 days after my dad came home. He said "son we need to have a talk." I answered "what about daddy." he answered while shutting the door. "First of all why did you beat up this kid named Calvin?" I answered "he was making fun of my friend? And he through the first punch anyway." then he came back after thinking for a while "son, I have a serous question, and answer it with all honesty. Have you ever heard of the anti fur activist?" I answered "no? Why?" then he jumped back in "ooh... no reason. I was just asking!" that raised my suspicion but not high enough to research about it. Then my dad left the room and I was sitting in a room watching TV. When all of a suddenly my mom yells "HONEY! LET’S GO TO WALLYWORLD!"I of course always loved to go there. And I could show mommy what I wanted for Christmas. But wallyworld was all the way up in hickory which means we are going to be down there the whole day! So, we all bunched into the dodge charger. Dad was driving; Mom was in the passenger side seat in the front. I left side in the back my brother on the right. This car is a nice car it can go so fast. But yet gas guzzles so much! So we were on me 40 when we got off the ramp to go to the bathroom and gas... to think about it, no it was mainly for the gas. But any way we refueled and got back on the interstate when all of a suddenly this white Sudan flew by us and nearly wrecked us just because it needed on our lane. So dad just kept driving because today was supposed to be a happy day. Happy as in someone nearly killing us, I sitting on my tail at least three times, and my mom and dad arguing the whole way.... fun. And that was me being sarcastic. Hahaha, but anyway. So we are driving and my brother kept pulling my tail, and my dad was arguing about some financial problems. Then I saw a white Sudan pulling out in front of us again and my dad looking and yelling at my mom didn’t see it coming. I yelled but when I did it was too late. The car hit us and swerved in front of our bumper. My dad in a state of panic turns the vehicle towards the other side of the road that is when a truck rammed us and it stopped causing another car to hit it. And then our car started flipping and tumbling it did it at least 13 times until the trucker could actually stop. My dad and mom were passed out my brother didn’t have his seat belt on in an overturned car. And I saw the gas leaking out of it and I, unbuckled my seat belt. Got out of the car and unbuckled my family’s seat belt one by one and dragged them away from the overturned vehicle and as soon as I got them out, the car sparked the gas and exploded. That was when my dad woke up in pain. I asked dad for his cell phone. He said right pocket. I pulled out his phone and called the 911. When I did I got this really nice sounding lady’s hello. And I told her "nice lady! My daddy and mommy and brother are lying on the ground! We were hit by a truck on the interstate!" the nice lady came back and said "what mile marker are you at?" I said while looking at the sign "113" she said "alright you hang tight i am getting a elms unit right away how many are hurt?" then I said looking in the trucker "I think that there is someone still in the truck that was in front of the fire but I cant tell! My mom dad and brother and there are some more cars on back behind the truck!" she came back "what’s your name honey?" I said "mark... mark smith" she said "well mark, I will stay with you until EMS arrives." I said "okay!" and started to check who was awake or not. My dad had been awake he just didn’t want to move, and that was the only answer I got. Then the ambulance arrived like the nice lady said it would and they were taken to the hospital and the police asked me these stupid questions! "What happened?" I said "there was a car crash." I said with my tail touching the hamstring of my leg. He giggled and said "no... How did your parents make it out of the car if you are the only one able to move?" I answered his mind numbing question "I pulled them out, I saw that the car was about to explode so I jumped in and helped. Hey is the truck driver alright?" he answered in a state of shock "yes he is just burnt a little." and I said "good because I was worried about him." then the questions kept coming. They sounded something like "what are your parents names? Where do they live? Where were yall going? Why is your tail dirty?" and these mind questions I answered them all and finally I got to go away from the questions and I got to go to the hospital. This made me happy because the nice police lady didn’t give any instructions on how to get to the hospital. Well when we arrived my dad was still in the emergency room but I got to say hey to my mom and brother. And my sister was there. I don’t know how.... maybe the nice police lady invited her in. but any way. There was a camera crew out side, I went to go talk to them and my mom said it was ok. They asked me much simpler questions than the big police man did. It sound likes "what’s your name? How do you feel? Why did you pull your mother and father and brother out of a car that was about to explode?" all obvious answers a baby can answer them. So finally they left and we went upstairs to my family’s room, My dad had a broken rib. My mom had some glass in her arm and my brother had a concussion. I watched the news in the emergency room with my family. And the top story came out. It sounded more heroic than the questions they had asked! "Here is today’s top news with Ethan Galsburry, Ethan?" then the screen changed from the man sitting at the desk to a man standing in front of the hospital. "thanks Sam, well this is what we herd from the police and a young boy today as we herd it the camera man started crying it is such and epic story!" then it showed me and the questions they asked me. Then it came back to a Mr. Ethan. And he said "the young 6 years old boy pulled his brother, father and mother out of a wrecked vehicle that nearly exploded. The boys’ father, mother, and brother are all injured. But miraculously the boy came out with some dirty fur. Back to you Sam" then the screen changed back. And then my daddy turned of the TV. And said "I love you son, and I thank you for what you did. If you didn’t us would all be dead right now. thank you!" and that made my heart so jumpy I got up and hugged my dad and my mom but when I went to sit down my brother hugged me. And then I sat down on my tail. I slept in the hospital. And went to school the next morning, generals mom took me. When I got there every one already new me, every one wanted to say "hey aren’t you that dude on the TV Last night" and my reply could only be "yea that was me." every one thought I was a hero, But yet all I was a husky. So all the teachers loved me all the students loved me. I even got in front of a crowd and asked questions! Even though the sounded a lot like the questions the camera man asked me. I still answered them. But for some reason when I got off the stage a man looked at me funny. He looked like a 3rd or 4th grader, But he wasn’t from here. He was different than the humans. Then as soon as I got to the back stage hallway I felt something hit me in the back. It felt really sharp. Then my heart started to slow down. And I felt really tired! And that was all I remember from that day. When I woke up the next morning I was greeted by a man in a very dark suite and fedora. And he said "it is an honor!" but as soon as he said that the person who looked like the kid at the speech. Walked in and greeted me. And said "my name is Abel. This is clause." he pointed to the man beside him in the pretty fedora. Then he said “the reason you are here is because you are just like us. But in a different way." I said "what do you mean?" then the man in the fedora said while taking his fedora of. "You are a furry. So are we!" then when they pulled off the fedora I saw the mans pretty fedora fall on the ground. And a wolf standing in front of me, and then the other man named Abel pulled his cap off too. And he was a fox! I said "HOLY CRAP! I NEVER MET ANOTHER ONE LIKE ME BEFORE! Are there any others?" then he said "yes... but we are borrowing you because we are going into a speech conference. And we will be your body guard! Then I had to ask "is my mom and dad ok?" he said while looking at clause "ooh they are fine. Very fine." that made me happy but a little bit suspicious on why he said it that way. So. I just kept going on. And we were in what seemed like an abounded house. With a very comfortable bed. Then all of a suddenly Abel said "hungry?" then clause randomly said "well shoot yea!" then Abel said in a funny way” not you, you big dope! then I said "not really why?" then he said " because you have been knocked out in the back of a car for at least 8 hours on our drive up here!" then I wondered where I was. Then I said "where are we then?" he said looking weirdly at me "Washington D.C.! a crappy place but it is a home for the homeless!" then he added “hey! Put this on!" he said while throwing me a double breasted white suite that was trimmed with grey and a fedora to match. And I said "thanks!" then he added again "we have to go! Now come on!" then he took me to this orange SUV. And clause opened the back door for me. And then we all filed into the car. With no questions asked. And then once I got in the car clause said "so... mark ya mark. Why did you do it?" then Abel cut in "because it was his family! Gosh you can be such a knuckle head some time!" then we sat with all these questions running in my head until we arrived to a Smithsonian institutes for science! Sounded like a neat place but before I could read the sign in the front lobby that explained every thing in this place Abel tugged at my tail and I yelled. And then we finally arrived to this big stage sitting in front of a lot of people there was at least 100 to 200. There was a big man that was talking about me. Then he invited me onto the stage. And then said "here is the one and only! Mark smith!" a lot of people was clapping and all I had to say was "good morning!" and they all answered giggling. Then someone raised there hand and said "how did you feel when you were pulling your family out of the vehicle?" I said "I felt like I was pulling weight!" so we got onto so many questions the conference lasted for an hour. So I just kept going with the flow. and I was having some good fun with all the questions that were asked that day but when we got home all Abel said to me was "hey dude good speech now go to bed" so I went to bed and the next day he said as soon as I woke up in this comfortable bed "dude I didn’t want to break the news to you but I guess I have to or else you want know." then there was a long pause and clause left the room. "Your parents are dead. And we are the only ones that could help you." I felt so shocked I cried. Then he said "don’t cry it wasn’t our fault or yours. The day you did the speech at the school, you got hit in the back by the anti furrys. They are the ones that killed yours and my family." and there was another really long pause. And then he came out again and said "dude we saved your life. Now do you want to come with us so that we can repay your family? Or no?" then all I could say was. "I will do anything to repay my family." then he said patting me on the back and rubbing my fur. "Well you will need some training. You got the spirit and the man power but yet no clue how to use either one." then he said "it will take many years of training. But you will have fun!"

    Nine years later.