• The sun burnt our faces and the tops of our heads as we slalomed through the masses of excited tourists. I kept a tag on Robyn's aura, just to be sure we didn't separate in the crowd. Her eyes, sure enough, were on the dusty, yellow cobblestones, simply following my mind- even with being taller than the majority of the people barring her way, it was impossible to see far over their heads. I kept my focus on the presence of our goal, seemingly distant as we stopped here, swerved there; moved in sharp starts and stops. We wove our way through the baking mass for several minutes.

    There she was.
    Standing on the edge of the street, in a small empty place along the walls- laughing her dainty head off. Her twin was right next to her, smiling gently; she was humouring her. The twin looked about as I had expected- but she, on the other hand- she was almost frightening. Her narrow eyes were wide with mirth, and in them the dazzling green almost threatened to burst out. I knew it all too well. Her perfect golden skin seemed to project energy.
    It did. Robyn came to a standstill a few feet to my left. We still pretended to be part of the slow-moving but energetic crowd- we couldn't afford to make our presence known. There were far too many risk factors in this.
    I nearly shuddered when it hit me. All my years of loathing for the girl- whose eyes I must not catch- fell back onto my shoulders in that instant. It was familiar, and true. I don't know what came over me next.
    I gave Robyn the signal- and, without warning, without premeditation- I tried to kill myself.