• "RIIIIIIN!!! Get your butt down here!" Her mom yelled.
    "Coming!" She yelled back. She quickly put on her charcoal-black dress and pinned up her waist-lenght blonde hair into a pony-tail. Then she dashed for the bus waiting outside. As usual, she seated herself in the back. Far away from the gossiping girly-girls, obnoxious guys, and gum throwing jocks. Rin looked out the window and gazed at the changing scenery with her unaturally emerald green eyes. Tall buildings rolling by, people hurring to work, then she noticed the prepps staring at her.
    "Look, theres Miss-cold and lonely!" They started to cackle and proceded to pick out her other faults. Rin decided to ignore them.
    When they arrived at the school, she waited for everyone to exit the bus. When it was empty, she got up and headed for class. Rin's heart was thumping painfully against her chest as she reached her quivering hand for the door. The door opened with a sigh, and she practically ran to her desk. A few moments later, Hiruma-sensei entered the classroom.
    "Okay class. Please get in your designated group" Students started to mill about. This is why I didn't want to come. The five prepps from the bus cat-walked over and pulled up chairs at Rin's table.
    "Now, I want you to do a 6 paragraph essay on the Meji-period. Everyone in your group must contribute. You may begin." With that, the room started to fill with chatter. Rin glanced at them, she sighed, " What do you want to do?" They looked at her and laughed.
    "Hun, how about you run along and do the work for us?" The leader, Kasumi said.
    "But, Hiruma-sensei said we all have to contribute!" She argued.
    "We are contributing, to your reputation" She shoved her doll-like face next to Rin's ear. "Now LISTEN HERE, be glad that we are even sitting with you, FILTH". Kasumi and her friends carried on with their conversation.
    "Rin-san are you okay?" Hiruma-sensei asked.
    She gave him a fake smile, "Yes, I'm okay." Without another word she started to work on the essay.

    She opened the door to the house, and instantly smelt the stench of alchahol. Mother has been drinking again. I hope shes not drunk. Her fears where realized when her mom started to dash at her, her left arm raised, holding a knife. Rin gasped and bolted out into the street. With her drunken mom in persuite, cursing and swearing at her, she seen her chance to escape. She skidded to a hault in front of the forrest.
    "Riiiiiiiinnnnnnn, get back here you stupid-" Her Mom yelled from a few feet behind her. She clenched her fist and took off into the forrest. Branches and bracken whipped at her face, but she dare not stop. Rin came to a hault, only when the foot-stepps of the persuer where long gone. She bent over and rested her hands on her knees, taking in long-gasping breathes. I'll stay here for tonight, tomorrow she should be sober. She looked around. Besides, there's no school tomorrow anyway. Rin chose an oak tree, climed up it's low branch, and fell asleep.

    "CATCH him!" A masculine voice shouted from close by. Rin blinked her eyes open, Whats going on? She thought. When she looked down, a teenaged boy was backed up against her oak tree, surrounded by four muscular men. She kneeled down on one knee.
    "You better give up now! We'll make sure your beating is light." As he stepped forward, Rin jumped out of the tree, infront of the boy. She gave him the scariest glare, and spoke, "I don't like fighting, please stand down."
    "We don't take orders from women!" He snarled. He charged at her and threw a punch. Rin saw it coming and dodged with as little movement as possible. Then she grabed his arm and, using his weight against him, flipped him. He hit the ground with a thud, and didnt get back up. She turned her attention to the other three. The other two seemed to be backing off, but the third didn't give up.
    "Why you little-" He charged at her. She saw his foot coming up for a kick, and swatted it away. Then felt a sharp pain on her check and realized that he had punched her. Rin used a kick of her own and got him square in the face. He fell, cursed at her, picked up the other unconces man, and followed the others into the trees. She turned her attention the the hurt boy. He had shaggy jet-black hair and brown eyes, and was wearing a black hoddie with black pants and tennis shoes. He was bleeding from several points on his body. To her suprise, he was glaring at her.
    "I could of token care of that myself." He spat. She sighed and grabbed his arm, pulling it over her head.
    "Where do you want to go, I'll help you get there." She smiled. He sighed as well, sounding defeated, he muttered, " By the mall near here. In the vacant parking ally-way."
    They didn't talk for most of the time, but the silence was split when he asked,"Doesn't that hurt?" He stared at the punch wound that was starting to bleed.
    "No, it's just a scratch."
    "My name is Haru, whats your name?' He questioned.
    "Rin Herutsu." She looked up, "Here?"
    "Yeah, just go into that ally." She supported him into the ally, and inside was a clearing with six more guys in it. They all jumped up in suprise when Rin and Haru were in plain view.
    "What happened?' A Long haired male asked.

    "Oh, I see. Them again." He sighed. Them Again? She thought.
    "What do you mean?" She asked. But before anyone could move. Thundering footsteps came. Before they knew it, they were surrounded by men with guns.