• Neo a blonde haired blue eyed well built man of 25 wearing all white sleeveless shirt and juno (training clothing) pants with a white cloak with a staw hat is in battle with 12 men with blood on their minds. Mia watching from behind him for he protects her without knowing really what they wanted to kill her for.
    Neo speaks calmly "leave now and we won't have to do this"
    One of the men with wild unkept hair shouts angerly "and you think we will step aside for you? You are a fool!"
    Neo spotted one has he came running with a knife, Neo calmly stepped out of the way of his strike and kicked the man back to his crowd " I am warning you if you continue any farther I will not hesitate to kill you." All the while he continued to keep his calm demeanor.
    "Thats it kill him too men lets get this over" The man's shout full of fury.
    Neo takes his stance with his sword perfectly in front of him ready to react to all of their moves. The men hesitated looking at his sword nervously, "Forget the sword he cant get us all with just that one weapon!" The men inspired to go shouted cries of war and went after Neo from every angle going for the kill. Neo did not stir instead he lifted his sword over head and spun it rapidly making a large gust of wind and debris fly through the air. The force of it slowed the men causing them to move more slowly and use more force to come at him. Neo continued to spin the sword until the first man came within 5 feet of him. Neo then changed the angle of his blade has he kept it spinning and caused it to hit the man flat sided, the man flew off a good 1 feet before hitting the ground, the second man approached with three others right behind him. Neo began using the momentum he had gained to get the speed in his strikes that he needed to keep the men at bay. They dodged ducked and rolled trying to get close but only ended up getting thrown or cut when getting too close.
    Mia watched with amazement at the skill of his handling, one wrong move and that sword would leave his hands and go off far enough to leave him completely vulnerable. He also managed to keep from causing deadly harm to the men by adjusting his sword just right to hit them all with the flat side of the blade. The amount of strength and precision it took to pull this feat is unreal. These guys where out of their league.
    Neo kept it up for about another 5 min when they finally gave up bruised badly and beaten pride. Neo then stopped and watch them drag their unconscious friends away. "You didn't need to be so merciful" Neo spun around to see that Mia was talking to him. "They deserve another chance just has you do." Neo replied casually. Neo observed the well shaped body of Mia in her form fitting clothing. "Your a whore." Neo stated flatly. "No need to be so judgmental" Mia replied with a little smile, "You seem to like the uh... dress I see" She smiled even more slyly. Neo looked away suddenly, "Pardon me... I am sorry I did not mean to offend." Mia looked at him curiously and waited until Neo looked back up. They met eyes for a moment and then Mia walked a away silently giving a nod to follow her into a room that was unlocked by her. Neo followed and entered seeing her undress, "You do not need to do this, I was only doing what I feel" "Shut up and get undressed" She interrupted him has she dropped her dress. Neo swallowed hard and set his sword on the ground. 'I feel guilty for just thinking of someone else besides Rachel, but... well she made her chose so its about time I moved on.' Neo ending his though approached her and the lights went out.