• I woke up to the DJ talking about some modelling show I'd never watched. I quickly turned it off. I realised that I hadn't had an new continuation of the dream last night. I wondered about it for a few seconds before running off to the bathroom. It was Saturday but I had to write an essay for Monday and so I headed downstairs to try and remember everything about Sex Education. God, science was gross sometimes. I had to write a thousand words. I'd only gotten maybe 200 words when the door bell rang. I got up, happy for the interuption. I opened the door and saw some freak holding a gun. It wasn't pointed at me so I didn't scream. But it was in my throat already. I gave him a weird look and raised my eyebrow.
    "Have you seen a wolf around here lately?" he asked. I nodded. "I'm here to kil . . . catch it. Do you where it's sleeping during the day?" I shook my head. "Thanks anyway." He walked away without another word. I closed the door. It wasn't surprising someone that someone had called someone to catch it. I went back to working on my essay. I'd only written about another 100 words when there was frantic pounding on the door. I sighed and got up and opened the door. Eric ran in and kicked the door closed. He ran right into me and we fell over. I could feel his heart beating fast. I didn't push him off but he quickly saw it was akward and got off.
    "What's wrong? And why is everyone knocking on my door today? If one more person knocks I'm going to consider it a sign from above that I shouldn't finish my essay," I said getting up. He looked away from my eyes. I tilted my head to the side until I could see his eyes again. They were the same green as the wolf's. It was weird. "What is it? Did that creepy guy come to your house too?" He nodded.
    "Yeah he did. Only he thinks I'm a werewolf just because our eye colour is the same. Crazy huh?" he said. He sounded upset about it. "Now he wants to catch me instead of the wolf. I'm in trouble." He held his in his hands. I tapped his shoulder but it didn't seem like enough to me so I sighed and hugged him. He stiffened under my touch so I started to pull anyway but he wrapped his arms around me. We stayed that way for a while. He finally sighed and pulled away. He wouldn't look at me again. "I have something thing to tell you. It's a secret but I can't tell you just yet. For your own safety." I raised my eyebrow at him. He didn't say anything.
    "You're not a serial killer are you? 'Cause if you are don't tell me." I joked. I saw his mouth twitch. "Don't worry it'll be fine. Just ditch town for the weekend then stay at school and the dude'll give up when the wolf shows up at night." He didn't look so sure so I smirked. "Bet I can make you smile." I quickly kissed him then pushed him through the door before he could respond.

    There weren't any other interuptions after that and I finished my essay in another hour. I decided to make some lunch. I got up and walked to the kitchen then gasped as I saw the wolf outside the kitchen window. It was staring at me again with those emerald eyes. I walked towards the window and it never moved or even blinked. I shut the curtains. I was shaking. I half hoped that the creepy guy caught it. I didn't want it doing that anymore. It was the first time I'd seen it in daylight though. It's coat looked beautiful. I opened the curtain a sliver and saw the eye still staring. I shut it again. I decided to ignore it and just make lunch. I made mac and cheese. I sat in the living room in front of the tv. I turned it on but heard something crash outside. I bit my lip. Then something hit my door. I got up and looked through the eyehole. I saw the wolf. It slammed it's head into the door. I whimpered and ran away from the door. It was big enough to break down the door. I didn't want to be standing there if it did break. I waited for the next hit but it didn't come. I waited a little longer then looked again. The wolf was gone. I let out the breath I hadn't known I'd been holding. It had scared me a little. I finished my lunch but I kept thinking about the wolf and it's clear green eyes.

    On Monday I went to science and handed in the essay then fell asleep during the Sex Ed speech. I woke up later and saw that I was lying on a bench in the large gym. I sat up and saw everyone gathered around the teacher. I could tell something was on the ground. I got up and looked over Jerry's shoulder and saw a CPR dummy. I backed up. Crap. CRP. The teacher was talking about something but no one was listening. Everyone was talking about how they wished they could practice on a hot guy. The teacher obviously heard them.
    "Fine. You all get your wish. Split into two groups. Girls go today, guys go tomorrow. Girls, you get to choose who to practice on. Take a vote. I'll be back in a minute," said Mr. Williams. He walked back into the PE office. I smirked. He had a secret stash of liquor and I knew where it was. I'd hidden it two days ago. He came back looking shocked. I giggled. He probably thought someone from the head office had found it. Meanwhile, the girls were fighting on whether they wanted Chris Beaker or Damien Smith. I sighed. I didn't want to kiss either of them. I found my eyes wandering towards Eric who was joking and punching some other guys. I smiled and felt my heart flutter. I hadn't been paying attention when the girls voted for Chris. I sighed again. This was going to be horrible. I waited for my turn with a heavy heart. I kept staring at Eric the whole time. He'd stopped joking with the other guys. He must have felt my eyes because he turned his head to look at me. He smiled at me but it seemed forced. It was my turn in line. Chris smiled at me and brushed a hand along my leg. I kneed him in the groin but he just pulled me towards him and ignored the pain. I smacked him and walked away.
    "I refuse to save perverts." I said and walked away. I noticed that Eric looked like he wanted to do more then slap Chris. I smirked. I would've gladly let him. I watched silently as the other girls took their turns. I rolled my eyes when Emilia screamed and fainted. When there were only four girls waiting, Eric left the boys and sat beside me. He looked pissed.
    "What? Upset that the girls didn't choose you?" I joked. He didn't look like he liked it. I sighed. "You can beat Chris up if you want. I know I wouldn't mourn his pretty face getting a few bruises." He smiled slightly at that. "Ah! The statue moves. Don't worry. You could still get your chance to kis me if the guys vote for me," I teased. He smirked at me.
    "I don't need CPR classes to kiss you.," he said then walked back to the boys before I could respond. I was almost asleep on the benches when the teacher called us in. Since there was still a half hour left in class he decided to let the guys go on the same day. The guys didn't even pause to talk to each other, they just pointed at who they wanted. The fingers were pointing at Jane, Crissy, Libba and me. The teacher made the four of us stand in a room then the guys had to raise their hand to vote for us. There were 15 guys in our class. Four voted for Crissy, three voted for Jane, three more voted for Libba and five voted for me. I blinked. Damn. Never joke about something that could come true, I thought. I sighed and lied down on the floor. I noticed that Chris was one of the guys that had voted for me. If only he hadn't, it might've been Crissy lying here instead of me. Chris and some other guy were fighting over who could go first. Much to my dismay, Chris won. I didn't do anything through all his gloating but once he was leaning over me I kneed him hard in the balls and then brought my head up and smash my skull into his. I saw black dots in front of my eyes but he had passed out. I grinned and thought, You fail. The other guys were slightly scared that I might do that to them too but I didn't until one of them tried squeezing my boob. He was rushed to the nurse's office. Finally Eric was up. He smiled. "What was that you were joking about before? the guys voting for you? Nah. That would never happen." I glared at him. The teacher was yelling at him to hurry up. He was the last guy to go and the bell was going to ring any second now. I smirked to myself. I was going to end this class with a bang. He leaned down and his lips met mine. I smiled and kisses him back. I deepened the kiss and felt his tongue on my bottom lip. I opened my mouth and after a little while I pushed him off. I got off the floor and walked by the girls that were staring at me wide eyed. I smiled.
    "Now girls, that is how you kiss a guy." I flipped my hair at them then walked past them and out the double doors.