• Love is like a seed
    It grows when its being taken care of
    It soon grows leaves and it finds the sun.
    The sun is the plants happiness
    When the sun leaves the moon comes
    The shadow of the light is reveled.
    The moon is cold to the plant
    It blows the plant and shows darkness
    But when the light comes back
    The plant is overjoyed,
    Seeing the sun so bright
    Its warm light shines and holds the plant
    And when the plant blooms the beautiful petals,
    It shows the sun it has changed from a seed to a flower
    But on the same day it had bloomed,
    The moon shows itself again.
    The moon had started the blowing
    And then rain and thunder came
    The rain soon had turned to hail
    And the little flower had been struck with the furious moon
    When sun came up
    It had been terrified of what it has seen
    The flowers petals had been scattered
    The flower had cried and died of the hail
    Just like how love will be destroyed when death comes upon them.