• I had told her I loved her when we made love that night. It was the first night for a lot of things. Our first kiss together, our first love, it was the milestone for us. And this was not the type of stone that could be thrown into a pond, skipping over the waters only to plummet and never be thought of again, this was the stone that would be in our minds for the rest of our lives. Or at least, that was as much as I had hoped.

    I had seen her first those two years ago at in the subway terminal, her hair had been pulled down and swayed in the breeze as the mechanical screeching and roaring of the train took us all by surprise. It was on time. We had entered on our own in a hurried fashion like everyone else. But even with being bumped and tossed like a rag doll from side to side I never left my eyes from her hair, her smooth face, those green eyes.

    I don't remember when I first talked to her, or what I had first said; it must have been something stupid cause she looked at me with the perplexed look of a child learning of a war they were never around for. But as time passed, so did coffee shops, and restaurants and from my apartment to hers. We had grown closer and fonder, but yet had we kissed.

    If someone had asked me then if she and I were going steady, I don't know what I would have said. It would seem like a yes, but being a male of twenty and still in the confusion of women and their means of destroying men, I didn't know if it was possible for one as beautiful as she to fall for a man that was as scruffy as I was. With my unruly black hair that I attempted to slick back in fashion and my facial hair that seemed to grow back faster than a fired gun. Damn puberty.

    But as time passed and we grew closer I longed to see what she thought. This thought of her own did not subside, and still hasn't; but I needed to know. I craved it. There seemed to not be a night that I didn't think about her. I was not a rich man, and it seemed to many that I had temper issues. I would have done anything for that woman though. I wanted to take the world down with us and make her live a life of adventure, a life of excitement.

    But that night, that fateful night when our lips met, and all hell broke lose not only in our own two mouths but in my bed as well. What a night...what-a-night. I had told her, as we laid there as the aftermath of our chaos, that I loved her. She was quiet, her eyes were closed... I would have thought she was a sleep. My little angel. I awoke to find her gone, my bed empty and the normal hum of the cars far below me in my roughed up apartment. Damn those women, always the same. Sleep around then run like a scandalous whore. But, when I had gotten up for my daily routine, I saw on the bedside, written in her handwriting, print. I love you too.

    Oh those women, I swear I'll go to hell and back with her. Even if it kills me in the process. I swear I will give her the time of my life. My dear, dear Bonnie. Hm, Bonnie and Clyde; I like the ring of that.