• I'm waking down the stairs to the basement to find a flash light. it's cold and dark and i can hear the rain pounding against the windows. I can hear water dripping. what was that? the light flickers. i hope it doesn't go out. SLAM! the door shuts and the light turns off. i race up the stairs but trip on something. i fall. i go unconscious. when i wake up I'm in a puddle. my head hurts. i feel my head and feel a warm sticky fluid. i realize it's my blood flowing. i feel around and touch something freezing cold. i draw back. i reach the other way and find an object. i feel along the edge and i find out it's a flashlight. i turn it on. AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i was staring into the skeleton face of my great-grandfather who disappeared a year ago. i run up the stairs but blood is flowing into my eyes. i hear movement. i don't no where to go. i look around and find nothing. so i bang on the door. i scream and scream but no one hears me. i feel pulling on my shirt. they're dragging me. they're dragging me down to the murky deaths. they're dragging me down to my grave. i hear them whispering as i try to escape from their grasp. i don't no who or wat they are. i just hope i can make it out alive. i'm thrown on the floor. i feel a coarse object wrapped around my arms and legs. i realize they're tiring me up. a cloth is tied over my mouth. i can barley breath. i start blacking out. the cloth slips. i start screaming when suddenly cold dry lips were pressed upon my mouth. this was my first kiss. i got my hand free and reach for the flashlight and shined it o the person who kissed me. standing there in the corner was the love of my life. the one i was crushing on since i first saw him in school. and then he was cut off from view as creatures crawled on my body and took over. screaming,yelling why, i breathed my last breath.as i slowly died i spent the last moments of my life thinking about my family. i'll never see them again. i never even had a boyfriend. i blacked out then. i was gone. When i awoke again i was in heaven. Then i fell. I thought i was going to die again. When i landed my eyes flew open. I stood up and everything around me was ablaze in flames. I turned around my house was destroyed. I ran down the street to my neighbors but no one was home. Everywhere i went there was no one. I was alone. My life was ruined. I fell to the ground crying. Why? why me? My mom,dad,brother,everyone. gone. I layed there and cried and cried. I didn't eat or drink. When my last moments on earth finally came i saw my mom,dad everyone i loved waiting for me. Finally. Gone nothing but dust. In eternal sleep.