• A peaceful night nonetheless…or was it? Screaming and shouting could be heard in the distance as a twisted black smoke covered the ground, a smell of grim and odor filled the air as the stench rose into your nose.

    Am I dreaming?….or…is this all real?…this horrible…fate….is this really all I’m good for?…a weak being like myself….gosh….am I useless………no……I’m not useless…..im strong now……I’ll just start over from here……yes…..a new life…is dawning…this isn’t the end…it’s the start of a new beginning….a fresh start for me….

    Back to reality….

    Waking up from a terrible nightmare a young girl could be seen rubbing her head, her eyes roamed from her surroundings to the bed she lay in.

    A bright light shimmered into the window dawning down on the girl making her dark black hair glow dimly, the small girl leaned on her left arm as she toppled over the side of the bed trying to get up.

    “ehnn….my…legs….what’s….ow….ehnn….” The small girl groaned in pain as she lay on the cold wooden floor of the room, she looked down to her feet and examined how numb and broken her legs were. “M…y..my…legs…..I can’t move them…”

    “Oi! Miss! Stay in that bed!…..Aiiee!!!” A tall blonde haired man about five feet ten came walking into the room, he shook his short hair and took the girls left arm hoisting her onto his shoulder. “Don’t move! Your legs are just healing!…”

    Who is this man?…I…how’d I wind up here?….

    Confused and yet scared about how she had ended up in this strange cabin, the young girl yelped as the tall blonde man laid her down between the white sheets. He smiled and shifted her legs into a comfortable position so she wouldn’t get cramps or aches.

    “No stay in bed!….You’ve been badly wounded….I don’t know who did this to you or how it happened but your lucky to be alive at all.” Nodding his blond head the man winked and brought up a stool putting it next to the young girls bed, he sat down and stretched his long legs. “By the way, I’m Hatakae Kakashi. It’s nice to meet you. “

    “…uhn…Anko….who. Are you?…” the young girl turned her head so she would be able to see the mans face clearly, he looked around the age of twenty-five or twenty-three but it was clear he had saved her and healed some of her injuries. Anko sighed lightly and wiggled one of her fingers making sure she could move the upper part of her body, she groaned a little but shook it away making a fist with her hands.

    “Well, It’s best you don’t know just yet…lets just say I’m a humble stranger.” Kakashi smiled a weird grin making his face seem emotionless.

    What is with this guy?…he’s like all smiles….it’s kind of weird really…..but what bugs me the most is the fact that he’s hiding his real identity from me…I mean if he has nothing to hide he shouldn’t keep anything from me…..right?….

    Shaking her black head Anko closed her eyes and picked her arm up sliding it over her side, she rubbed her stomach a bit and soon drifted off to a long slumber. Kakashi however was still looking down at her, he gazed down at how she reacted to his last sentence and simply chuckled. Sorry little one…..I can’t tell you that I’m really an assassin that was supposed to kill you…..your legs are just the beginning…..I’ll make my way to the thing that really matters…..your heart.

    An evil laugh filled kakashi’s head, he stood up from the small stood and walked over to the large window blocking the sunlight from coming in. Anko laid asleep in bed dreaming of the last night she would remember for the rest of her life.

    Where…am I……..why is it so dark?…smoke?…no….black smoke…..NO…..please….somebody help me……I don’t want to be alone……not in this dark place…..someone help me…..HELP MEEEE!!!

    “AHHH!!!!!!!” Anko woke up screaming she shot out of bed, she huffed and puffed as her breathing started to go back to normal, she rubbed her forehead and sighed thinking about what had happened in her dream. “What…..what’s happening to me…why did I have that dream?…..it’s the second time I’ve dreamt of that same horrible night……”

    “Feeling a bit stuffy?….I heard you scream from down the hall….you were pretty loud..” Kakashi appeared standing in Anko’s room, he yawned and smiled scratching his blond hair. Kakashi smiled once again and leaned against the wooden door frame staring at Anko.

    “Well…I just had a bad dream…..could I get some fresh air please?” Anko pushed the covers over from her legs and tried to move her left foot, slowly she smiled as her foot responded. “Hey…it’s moving!…..although….my right foot won’t even budge….” Anko sighed and leaned forward pushing her feet off the bed, she winced in pain but ignored it for she wanted to do this on her own.

    “Hey! Wait- kakashi pushed his elbow off the door frame and shot at Anko sliding under her so she would fall onto him other than the floor. Kakashi sighed in relief as he saw Anko splayed across his chest, he laughed a bit and hook his hand under Anko’s arm pits and pulled her up to his face. “Well…you’re a nuisance aren’t you?…you never listen when I say stay in bed!…”

    “Ah!..Hatakae-sempai! I’m uh….thank you…I would of fell on the floor if it hadn’t been for you….although….it’s weird….I can’t feel my arms anymore.” Anko blushed softly at how kakashi had pulled her, she lowered her eyes a bit and felt him sit up making her legs shift into a side position.

    “ah..it’s not a problem. Pretty red there aren’t you? Now I wonder why is that?…is it because of how I handled you?.” kakashi grinned widely, he loved teasing young girls like Anko he found it kind of cute and funny.

    Anko’s face turned slightly red, she blinked a few times and felt her whole body shake within kakashi’s arms. why am I getting like this?…I mean….this is a whole new feeling….anko no…..just….shake it off and remember this man might be a threat to me.. shaking her head Anko shot a mean look up at kakashi, she frowned and stuck her tongue far out at the blond-haired man.

    “AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!” kakashi’s eyes grew wide as he saw the small girl stick her tongue out at him, he started to giggle a bit but burst out laughing at how cute and funny Anko had looked just now. “oh..my…your so funny…not to mention such a cutie…” kakashi rubbed Ankos soft black hair and patted her head, he moved his arms under her legs and lifted her up.

    “ahh!..Hatakae-sempai! Wahhh!…what’re you? I can walk by myself just fine thank you very much!” Anko scoffed at kakashi and turned her head pouting her lips, she was getting so annoyed with how the blond man was treating her. He’s treating me like such a kid! I can’t stand it!….I’ll show him one day! Just you wait Hatakae kakashi! I am not just a little girl!. “I’ll have you know I turn 17 in just a month! So take that you blond-haired freak!” Anko turned her head once again to stick her tongue out a kakashi but as she did that he kissed her softly on the lips.

    Kakashi smiled grimly and chuckled a little as he broke the small kiss, he saw how red Anko had gotten and shouted out a loud laugh. “HAHA! My I’ve never seen anyone turn so red before?! This is just priceless!”

    “Why you!…..THAT WAS MY FIRST EVER KISS! HOW DARE YOU STEAL IT! I’LL..- Anko turned bright red as she kakashi hard on the head, her eyes were steaming wit steam and heat when she laid upon kakashi’s laughing face. Anko groaned in pain when she fell down onto the floor, it seemed like kakashi had dropped her when she hit him. “Stupid….dummy..” Anko pouted and wiped her now fallen tear she moved her left foot and gripped the door knob that was right above her.

    “Hey!…look..I’m…wait here I’ll help you” kakashi sat up and moved toward Anko reaching his right hand out offering to help her.

    Anko frown and slapped kakashi’s hand away as she struggled to pull herself up, her broken leg was almost screaming out at her that If she stood on it she would cause herself even more pain. “I…can do it myself..” Anko limped out of the doorway making her way down the long hallway, shouting and loud snores could be heard form some of the rooms, but it was mainly quiet.

    “Anko wait come on….if anyone sees you like this I’ll really get it…at least let me help you walk” Kakashi shook his head as he saw the small girl put up a good effort to walk out by herself, he sighed and again laid his hand out for Anko so grabbed it.

    “well….okay..” Anko turned her face away from kakashi and grabbed kakashi’s hand, she put all her weight against him ad limped more easily down the hall.

    It seemed like hours, maybe more, Anko couldn’t tell just how long they had taken just to make it down the hall she looked sideward’s to see how many people were staying in the small cabin. “Hatakae-sempai…why are their so many rooms in this cabin?…who stay’s here anyway?” Anko looked up at kakashi and gave him a confused look, he sighed and felt her arm jerk back when kakashi stopped in his tracks......