• As i Drove Toward a quite empty City,by The Name Of Collinworth Grove.I Noticed it Was empty just cars thats all.
    As I merged into the empty desolate town it felt as if i've been to this town in a dream.I parked at a near by gasoline shop for some gas.As I Stepped Out of the car i went inside the shop for some help.As i entered, it was empty,empty as nothing inside. I left the shop and headed towards a nearby police station for questions. . . . . but nothing was to be found.I started to snoop around and I found an open town housew/ shattered windows,Borken And ripped furniture,and blood everywhere.As the wind blew a newspaper flew by, dated Janurary 23, 2002
    The Headline Started with these words


    I said to my self "wow, this place has been empty for years now"

    i Heard footsteps behind me, I turned around but nothing. . . i heard the wind blowingthrough the bushes. I Headed back to my car.I started the engine. . . . all there was was a sputter. I went togo check. . . . . . The wires were Cut!!!

    I Tried Fixing it. . . A man came up behind me and said "Problem there Bud?"
    I responded"Uh Yah` actually. . . My Wires Got Cut"

    He Says "Lemme See What Happened. . . . Ah I Might be Able to fix it! Ill be back"
    I Waited for the man to return. 3hours Passed. . . . I Went towards the man went through.It Was half past 9 Moon shining brightly.Finally i found his house old an broke down. His Door was wide open. . . same withe his garage. As I entered his house i heard screaming and cries of "Please Don't Hurt Me" and "Let me live Please!!"
    I Ran Up To The Room Above Door Wide open Blood everywhere bodies lying on the floor. It was the old man and his wife. . . i heard noises of banging and footsteps. I turned around and found the killer in the newspaper. I said to him "Why Are You Doing THIS!?"
    All He Did Was Take A Knife out and Jab It Into my Chest. There I lay. . . cold, bloody, without movement.I Knew the Mans Name. . . . he Was My Brother. . . . . He Was Named Nick "Shank" Gerouge. . . . . .

    I Was his brother

    Jack Gerouge. . . . . .