• The Incident

    Chapter 1

    "No!" the woman's cry was horrible, peircing my ears like a knife. I wanted to help her. But I was too late. Once I found her in a dark alley being shot repeatedly, the man who held the gun turned around. It was my brother. I was terrified. My mind was screaming,"RUN!" but i could not. "You're next, bro". The last sound i heard was...

    What? oh yeah.

    Again. I had the same stupid dream again. Its starting to annoy me. I yawn as I sit up on my bed and turn off my alarm clock. 6:00 am, the clock reads. I'm the outside security guard at a government lab. I still dont understand why they dont just hire a day guard and give me the night shift. "Stop complaining", I mutter to myself. Six am. Time to take a shower, eat breakfast, have coffee, the usual. I go outside to my 1985 chevy suburban. I look over with envy at my neighbor's 2010 chevrelet camero. But my old junker still had 2 or 3 years left in it.

    Chapter 2

    When I arrived at the lab I sat down in my old camping chair, barely remebering to clock in. It was 6:45 when I got there. 12 hours and 39 minutes later, a top secret test was going on inside the lab. They were testing a new bio chemical super soldier serum. A lone cockroach crawled into a crack outside. About an hour later it came out. Solid white. The newly strenthened(and demonic) cockroach crawled through another crack. AT exatly 7:30 pm august 15 2009, scintists heard tiny sounds above their heads.

    " pit pat pit pat"

    The little roach crawled into a package going to the nearest army base. Disaster was defanant.

    Chapter 3

    "Drip!".........."What was that?", the rookie marine said. "It was probably in your head, rookie.", commented seargent D.T gunery. The small white bug had droped into the rookie's milk. "Drink your milk rook!", LT. gaines told him. "It has something in it!" "Then chew it." "yessir." The roach was not digesting. It was intertwing with his DNA. "Hey, Danny! Your turning white bro!", Said another rookie. Danny answered,"Why is everyone getting smaller...""we're not shinking bro", the rookie's friend said. Yes the men were shinking, in Danny goyan's eyes. As his vision turned white, he coughed blood all over the lieutennant's jacket.

    Chapter 4
    dramallama dramallama dramallama