• Prologue

    My world seemed to be slowing as I walked next to the walls that excluded me from the outside world. I was getting sick of being here, but the intricate fields of beautiful blooming roses, daisies, daffodils, tulips and lavender flowers kept me here. Today they transfixed me, in mid-thought, right into a deep and light headed Trance so that I barely noticed I was moving toward the edge of the fields, walking closer and closer to the cliff’s edge, gazing out across the shimmering ocean and the glare cast from the setting sun.
    I wished that I could stay there forever in it’s beauty and never move in time, until I heard the annoying call of the steplosers voice.
    “Nitemare! Time for dinner!”
    The annoyance I felt for him sent chills up and down my spine, like the chill you get when you feel someone watching you. As I started to walk back to the prison's French doors, when I heard a little boy’s laughter rise from the seas soft crashing and cadence stopped me dead in my tracks. I went to look over the edge, lying on my belly, but only saw rocks and crashing waves and no little boy.
    I vaguely remembered the steplosers voice calling out to me and my mothers voice accompanying his. Then, as suddenly as the Trance had begun to pull me to the edge of the cliff we lived on, it abruptly stopped the familiar music dancing around in my head and pulled me back to where I really was. I frowned then.
    As usual, I did not want to be there anymore than my family hated to lose their precise money. Even so, as I moved toward the gracious French doors, I grew increasingly aware of my surroundings and the inside of the castle. In addition, I wasn’t even close to the garden doors yet. A thought suddenly popped into my head and knew someone else put it there not me. The thought told me I had changed when the little boy laughed while I was on the grassy cliff.
    That thought told me that I’d become a Vampire. A blood sucking creature of the night. I liked the feel of it, also the surprise on the faces of the people who were waiting for me in the dinning room when I walked in. Shock and awe wandered into my sensitive eyes as I took in the decorative room’s scents.
    “Well,” I said, running my fingers over the wrinkles of my black dress. My voice cunning, yet clueless, bouncing off the echoey walls. The stares were getting more annoying then they usually would. “Let’s eat.” My smile plastered itself onto my obviously stunning features as I moved toward the dinning table where the food sat, waiting for us to devour it.