• You know the kind that just FAIL at everything?
    Yep, this is how you classify them in these certain situations:

    Your date says he/she wants to have sex with you.
    tab Failcon: You are so shocked and excited you pee on him/her
    tab Failguin: You quickly change the subject to Star Wars
    tab Failgull: You ask: "what's sex?"

    You get a Luck Chest.
    tab Failcon: You go to the marketplace, buy a Luck Key, but decide its pretty and keep it.
    tab Failguin: You go to the marketplace, but get distracted and decide to help a Nigerian Prince attempting to recover his family fortune.
    tab Failgull: You keep pressing the Chest, hoping it will forget you dont have a Key.

    A guy with a knife ambushes you in a dark alley and says he wants your money
    tab Failcon: You say: "Okay, but I get 25% interest"
    tab Failguin: You flip him off and call him a douchebag.
    tab Failgull: You say: "If you want the money, you have to kill me first!"

    Your spouse finds out you've been cheating on him/her
    tab Failcon: You explain, "its okay, I never liked you anyway..."
    tab Failguin: You ask, "So... now that you know can we have a 3-way?"
    tab Failgull: You attempt to impress him/her, and say you've had three kids with the other one.

    You end up in a situation where the only answer is suicide.
    tab Failcon: You jump in a swimming pool with an unplugged toaster, expecting it to electricute you.
    tab Failguin: You call the Psychic Hotiline and ask if calling them helped you convince yourself to commit suicide.
    tab Failgull: You attempt to slash yourself with a "Razor" phone.