• Chase Young wasn't always a heartless Heylin villain. It may not have seemed like it, but he did have a soft side for somebody, and that was his niece.

    His niece was was Andromeda Krystle Young, a 9-year-old skinwalker left on Chase's doorstep when she was only hours old. At first, Chase would have liked to kill her, but after some thought, he raised her. Now, most would expect an unhealthy, abused, evil child. But no, she was very healthy. Her hair was blue, and shined brightly when the light hit it. In her human form, her eyes were lakewater blue with black cat pupils. They sparkled when she was happy and glowed brightly at night. Her skin was pale. On her shoulder blades she had a pair of wings that looked like leaves. Few would expect her to fly, but oh, she could, very quickly. She also had a long, black cat tail.

    In her true form, she looked completely different. She had tan fur with brown stripes. She also had black whiskers on her face. On her head she had a pair of dark blue fox ears she could summon at will. Most never recognized her. Her outfit normally consisted of a black sleeveless shirt, black leather pants, and black boots with red laces. When training, her armour was no different from Chase's, but was blue instead of black. She sometimes, however, just wore it for the hell of it outdoors.

    "Young One! Come down, it's time for training!" A voice shouted, that was Chase. Andromeda came flying out, in her armour. She landed in front of Chase. "I'm ready." She said. Chase nodded and handed her a pole. Both stepped away and bowed to one another.

    On the sidelines, another Heylin watched jealously. Andromeda and Wuya were close. Wuya secretly hated her. Chase knew, but of course, he didn't want to make it seem like he was suspicious. 'This is stupid.' Wuya thought, 'I should be Chase's partner, but NO; he'd rather have a child!'

    Both were now fighting. "Very good Young One. You're improving." Chase said. Andromeda bowed. "Thank you uncle Chase." She said, "I do try my best." Truthfully, when Chase looked at Andromeda, he saw a younger, more evil version of himself. That was why she was his apprentice. Both charged back at eachother and fought again.

    Wuya continued to watch jealously. Secretly, she had a plan, and it involved Hannibal Roy Bean and Jack Spicer; they would kill Andromeda and her uncle. But how? That has yet to come.

    About an hour later training was over. "Chase, can I go out and play?" Andromeda asked. Even if she was the princess of darkness, she had to get out for some air every now and then. Chase nodded with a smile. "Go ahead." He said. Andromeda smiled and flew off. Chase smiled as she left. Although she was to one day take his place as ruler of the universe when that time comes, he enjoyed seeing the light in her. He walked back after wiping that smile away. He tried to mask his bond with Andromeda around other Heylins, especially Wuya.

    Andromeda flew far outside the land of nowhere. There was a small forest where she liked to come for fresh air and to observe the land. She spun in a circle a bit, her armour was replaced with black boots with red laces, black leather pants, and a black sleeveless shirt, her normal clothing. She took a deep breath. "I love this place." She said. She jumped onto a rock in a river. She was the spirit of this river, similar to a river nymph, but not quite. She started jumping on the rocks, jumping from rock to rock elegantly and quickly. Besides what her uncle teaches her, there was an important skill she got from this; balance.

    Andromeda envied her uncle. He had this skill. He could balance himself on his finger, she had yet to do this. That seemed impossible! "Gotta keep trying!" She growled. She jumped again, and landed on a rock with one hand. She smiled cockily. "I did it!" She said, then she fell after loosing balance, right into the river. "Ow..." She said as she got up, now soaked. She shook it off and used magic to get it off. She had much power over water. She yawned now boredly and layed down in some lush grass. She watched the clouds and sighed. A few animals and birds gathered around. She smiled. She had a soft spot for animals, and an extreme hate for humanity.

    The suddenly, out of the shadows, Wuya came out. It wasn't Wuya though, it was Hannibal! He used the Mobie Morpher to change himself into Wuya, voice and all.

    "Hello Andromeda." He said. Andromeda looked up. "Hi Wuya." She said. The animals scattered. Hannibal walked over and sat down. "You know, there's something I have to tell you." He said, sounding EXACTLY like Wuya. He caught Andromeda's attention now. "What is it?" Andromeda asked. 'Wuya' got up. "Come with me, I shall explain on the way." He said. Andromeda got up and followed.

    Soon both were in a canyon. "Now wait here, your uncle has a surprise for you." Hannibal said. "C'mon Wuya, what's the surprise?" Andromeda asked eagerly. "Now now Young one, it wouldn't be a surprise if I told you, now would it?" He asked. "I guess not.... could I have a hint??" Andromeda asked. "NO!" He said. Andromeda jumped back in surprise. "Hehe, no no no no no this is for you and your uncle." He said. "Now let me go get him." With that, Hannibal walked away. Andromeda watched as the mutated bean disguised as somebody who she thought was close walked away. She sat there and yawned. "I wonder why Chase would want to give me the 'surprise' here." She thought. "Seems a little suspicious, but Wuya would never ask me to do something that would kill me!"

    Soon Hannibal made it outside the canyon. He changed into his true form. There was a large heard of domestic cattle grazing. A young farm boy was watching them with his dogs and horse beside them.

    Outside the heard, the real Wuya and Jack were hiding. Hannibal arrived there. "Now." He said. Both nodded. Wuya used her dark powers to scare the cattle. They ran towards the canyon. She disappeared. "Eye of Dashi!" Jack shouted. He used the electricity-wielding powers of the Shen Gong Wu to keep the cattle going in the direction he wanted them to go. Wuya disappeared.

    Chase walked outside his lair. Something was wrong.... but what? Wuya appeared panicking. "Chase! Andromeda is in trouble!" She panicked. Chase gasped. "Lead me!" He said. Wuya flew off. Chase followed.

    Andromeda yawned boredly. She was now in her demon shape. It looked like her uncle's, but she was red with blue stripes. She heard stomping and looked up. The cattle were coming her way, in the form of a stampede. She gasped, and ran. She ran faster in her demon form. Her eyes turned emerald green, they did when she was very afraid. She saw a high, dead tree and climbed up. The cattle ran past and continually bumped into the tree. Andromeda struggled and kept her grip.

    Chase's pet raven flew by and saw Andromeda. She flew back up to Chase. He looked down, there she was! "Chase! There!" Wuya said and pointed. "I know!" Chase growled. He knew Wuya was behind this. He became his demon form and jumped in. He was much bigger than Andromeda, who was merely the size of a bear cub. "Uncle Chase help me!" Andromeda shrieked.

    "I'm coming Andromeda!" Chase shouted. The tree gave and sent Andromeda flying. She screamed until Chase caught her. He jumped onto a ledge and put Andromeda down. "You're safe now." He said and smiled. Andromeda smiled back, then...


    A bull had hit Chase in the side. He roared and fell into the stampede. "Get to safety!" He roared. Andromeda did so regretfully. Chase jumped onto the side of the cliff and climbed. "Wuya! Help me!" He roared and climbed up. Wuya looked around, then grabbed Chase by his claws. She smiled evilly. "Goodbye, all-mighty Chase Young." She cackled. She threw him into the stampede. Chase roared as he fell in, no turning back now...

    "CHASE!!" Andromeda screamed, watching helplessly as he uncle was trampled. Soon the cattle passed. Andromeda ran down... What became of Chase?!

    A scene was now covered in dust. Andromeda coughed. "Chase!" She called. neigh was heard, the farm boy and his horse rode by, passing the young skinwalker, and a large, dark green lump lieing dead on the ground. She gasped. That couldn't be Chase!

    She walked to it. She walked around until she found the head. She looked in disbelief. "Chase..." She purred softly, pushing it lightly with her head. "Come on, let's go home.... and get you healed." She sniffed. No reaction. She pushed harder. "Come on uncle Chase!" She sniffled. She ran off. "HELP!" She screamed. "SOMEBODY! ANYBODY...... please....." Her voice became softer. She sniffed again, and sobbed. She walked to the body of her uncle and curled up under his arms. She wept. Her only family, her uncle, the only one who ever cared for her, died... This couldn't be happening!

    Wuya stepped out of the shadows looking shocked and depressed. "Young one, what have you done?" She said. Andromeda jumped back. "Wuya... I don't understand.... what happened?!" She sobbed. Wuya picked her up. "I can't explain... the rest of your family would never understand this." She said. Then gasped. "What would they say... they would have you executed!" She said.

    Andromeda jumped down. "Wuya, what do I do?!" She panicked. "Run away, Andromeda, go, and never look back, never return." Wuya said. Andromeda sniffed, and ran. Tears of blood and agony fell down her face.

    Behind her, two wolves appeared behind Wuya. Hannibal used the Mobie Morpher to change himself and Jack into wolves. "Kill her. Make it swift." She said. Both ran after.

    Andromeda, thinking she was far enough away from Wuya and the dead body, walked. She sniffed. What had just happened? What caused the stampede? All these questions Repeated in her head. Then she heard growling. She looked and saw the two wolves coming after her. She gasped and ran. She found herself in a dead end, but there was a crack that lead up the canyon. She ran up inside the crack.

    "Come back here brat! We won't hurt you!" Hannibal cackled. Andromeda made it to the top and huffed. Jack was on her tail. She ran still with tears in her eyes. She soon realized this was just a hill, and at the bottom there was a patch of thorns. Oh no.... She turned around to go back, can't go back! She found herself with no choice, she jumped. She rolled down the hillside and hit a rock. It flung her right into the patch. She winced and crawled. That hurt.

    Hannibal and Jack came running, with Jack in front. He saw the thorns and stopped. He sighed in relief, then BUMP! Hannibal crashed into him. "OUCH!" Jack shrieked as he was knocked into the patch. He climbed up quickly. Hannibal fell down laughing. "It's not funny Hannibal!" Jack growled as he picked thorns out of himself. Hannibal laughed still. The albino was annoyed, he picked the thorns and spat them onto Hannibal's nose.

    "OUCH!" Hannibal barked. Her pulled them out and rubbed his nose. "Serves you right!" Jack growled. "Shut up! We have to go after Andromeda!" Hannibal barked. "She's as good as dead out there! She's always had that uncle of hers beside her! No way she'll live! If starvation doesn't kill her, the wild animals of the forest will, and if she manages to return, she's dead." Jack said.

    Hannibal watched her go and became his true form. "Well then, this will put all her training to the test."