• I walked under the never ending arch of trees. The silence of the ever-growing night grew more and more intence as i took another step forward. The night summer breeze whistled through the leaves and branches. It only made me relax and forget more....The slight breeze picked up speed slowly, i looked back into the sky and saw that rain clouds were not afar. I began to take a brisk walk the other side of the park, there's shelter there. I looked back up at the sky once again, dark clouds are now swallowing up the twincklin stars. This sight only made me more anxious to avoid the rain, so i began to jog now, while holding my backpack in one shoulder and my project presentation on my right hand. I had difficulty keeping my balance, my backpack pulled my to the left. The dark clouds were now releasing a slight drizzel. Now i became desperate and had difficlty sprinting. The sky was quickly engulfed by clouds, rain, and a show of lighting soon after. I gave up all atemps to stay dry. The tought of my day becoming worse had come to a true conclusion. I dropped my backpack and project into the wet muddy sidewalk, covered my face and began t cry...i felt miserable, unforgiven, and hated...my cries competed with mother nature's thunder, i had no care for any surrounding spectators , i couldn't bottle my feelings up anymore, they have now taken over me, but more then all...i felt a deep, scarring lust for my love...So special..., so magical..., so forgotten...

    I remeninced about my good old days, when i used to feel joy and love for others...when i used to live.It has been 2yrs. since i have felt anything but misery and pain...I was at the break of taking my own life...Alas, i heard foot steps from afar, splashing againt the shallow puddles on the sidewalk. They grew louder and closer. I uncovered my face and looked onward and noticed a tall lean figure, holdin an umbrella. He was looking down at me, he streched his arm out as if to help me up from the floor. I ignored his attempt to aid me and stood for myself, as stood i patted the mud off my jeans and shirt.

    "Are you just going to stand there?" i asked sniffling.

    He kneeled and picked up my mudy backpack and ruined project from the sidewalk. I looked down at him, questioning myself about his spontanious aid in silence.

    "Here you go." he said in a smile.

    I grabbed my stuff without a word. He grew closer to me.

    "I'll take you to the parks office." he mentioned.

    He then put his arm around my waist and pulled me closer to him. I let myself be maipulated and didnt say a word to his action.

    "So do you live around this area?" he interogated.

    I ignored his dumb question, i would think that if i saw someone with a backpack and a project in their hands that it must mean they go to school, alo meaning that the person is a resident.

    "Oh, you're the quiet type."

    "So you're already stereo typing me?" i responded in disgust.

    "No, no...crap I already ******** up."

    I smiled at his attempt to start a conversation.

    "Yes, im from around." i smirked softly.

    The rain began to cease.

    I looked at him and pondered his physical characteristics. To my opinion, he is very cute. From his perfectaly tanned skin, light brown eyes, lucious lips, and long hair. Everything to my opinion is perfect.

    "Are you starin at me?" He smiled.

    "Oh, sorry i just wanted to remember the person who-" my pocket then began to vibrate, checked my phone in disappointment that i was interrupted by a mindles txt.

    "What were you going to say?"

    "Nothing, it's stupid"

    "Come on, please finish your sentence."

    "Nevermind that. Beisdes we are already here. Thanks for keeping me company."

    "No problem." he smiled.

    I turned around and walked away from him and into he bathroom located in thr park's office. I looked up into the mirror and tried to fix my dripping hair. I took my earings and piercing off. At that moment a person walked in. I could now better estimate his age, he looked about my age, 15 yrs old. He walked up behind me and wthout a word placed both his arms on my shoulders. i looked at him through the mirrorand tried to supress my emotions once again, but i couldnt help to blush. he steped closer and pressed me lightly agants the sink with his body. He leane his head forward abd kissed me in the cheek. I turned around and facd him, smiling, i now knew he felt the same way.