• The Deceivers part 3

    Lila and Mrs.Varson walked into a pitch black room. Mrs.Varson flicked on the light and Lila shrieked. In the middle of the room was a metal surgical table, next to that was a matching metal side table with tons of scissors and knives lined up on it. And the most horrific part was that lined up on shelves were thousands of jars filled with body parts. Before Lila could scream again Mrs.Varson covered Lila’s mouth with her hand. Lila bit down on it and Mrs.Varson pulled her now bloody hand away. Lila made a run for it and saw a slot in the wall, just big enough for her small body to fit through and she slid down into darkness.

    Lila landed on concrete with only a shaft of light coming down from where she had just been. Lila sat where she was, too scared to move. She heard Mrs.Varson’s screams of agony and anger, and suddenly felt a surge of tiredness and passed out on the cold stone floor of the basement.