• Sita made on her way in the forest, today was her first day in the woods alone
    "Hmmm i wonder what i can see here now that no one's with me", she thought
    As she made her way down deeper in the forest she looked back of her not realizing what was in front of her she tripped and fell on something that seemed to be black fur
    "What the!" she heard a males voice
    As you see Fell was just sleeping minding his own buisness and then something falls on him not something he was expecting on, he then turned his head to see a white female wolf...a beautiful one to be exact, he felt him self blush, but shaked it off
    What are you doing on me!
    "Oh I'm so sorry I wasn't looking where I was going so I tripped sorry", the white wolf said
    I'll lay you off this time next time don't fall on me k
    Yes I promise
    My name's Fell, yours
    Your not from around here are you...?
    No I'm from Kaz's pack he is my father
    Fell thought about this and his thoughts came to this
    Great I meet a female I wanted to mate and she's pack enimy greeeeeaaaaat
    Sita noticed he was silent for awhile and asked him
    What pack are you from
    Sita saw he was quiet before answering
    I'm from Bran's pack and he is my father
    I looked at him realizing we were both enimies, the first wolf she ever felt love like this for and he's the enimy
    The two wolves were silent for awhile before Fell said
    I must be going my pack must need me back soon
    Fell turned around his head low and started walking, but before Sita stopped him
    We could still be friends
    How could we are packs are enimies how could we?
    We could be secret friends...
    We could?
    Yes we could we could meet eachother every day secretly
    Your right that could work
    Ya so I'll see you tomorro this spot
    K See ya tomorro!
    See Ya!
    Months went on with two wolves with there secret place and then, and over time their friendship changed to something bigger, then somthing happened between one of there nights together in there secret place, somthing that would change there lives, even make them love more