• Why am I still here? Why have my lungs stopped breathing but my body remains here, walking through the streets? I should have died that night. I should have been in my grave, avoiding the sunlight that way. Not like this. Sleeping during the day and passing the street hustlers at night, standing on the deserted corners. My once golden skin has grown pale between the days that have passed, my eyes not fairing much better to their original color. Blue to orange. I fear looking into the mirror, afraid of my being now. Why is this happening to me? What have I ever done in this life?

    "Nothing my dearest, Julian." A shiver ran up my spine, cold hands came to rest on my thin hips. Lips running along the flesh of my neck from behind. "Nothing, but being beautiful that is. My precious, precious, Julian."

    "Leave me alone, please." My voice shook, following the movement of my body. My muscles were tight under my skin. Why did he do this to me? Its his entire fault I'm like this. I wish he would leave me alone. His voice chuckled against my skin.

    "I'll never leave you alone. You are mine now." He spoke, his voice growling against me, the extended teeth running over the sensitive skin. "You belong to me." My whole body shivered then, my spine tingling. This should not be turning me on so. Why does he have this effect on me? Feeling my stomach grow butterflies at the words.

    "Valcon?" I asked softly, turning, my head to the side. I couldn't stand to look into the mirror in front of me any longer. Couldn't watch him take control over my body like he was.

    "Watch, Julian, that's an order." He stated making my head look back into the reflection. His lips curled into a smile. As his deep eyes trapped mine within their depths. Pupils traced the line of saliva that was left in my master's wake. "You're so beautiful Julian. Don't let anyone tell you different. Even if your skin has not retained its hue or the crystal of your eyes has faded." I shook my head. No. I don't want this. He is the one that made me like this in the first place. This is not where I belong. I want to go back to my life. Red hair, golden skin, blue eyes, comfortable small apartment, small city, freshmen college student. I wonder what my parents are thinking right now. Are they worried about their youngest son? Are they worried about me? Or are they once again pushing me to the side to make way for my two older brothers who have accomplished so much?

    I let out a scream as a bite befell my throat. My eyes widened as I looked at the anger in the other's eyes through the mirror. I had done something to upset him. But why should I care? This was the fate he pulled me into. I was happy with my invisibility with other mortals. That was where I belonged. Not here with this infamous vampire. I felt the intrusion of fangs into my skin, the feeling so familiar now that it scared me. The piercing of the soft skin, the pressure that was relieved from my form as the skin broke around the sharp objects. Cold liquid trailed down my shoulder, the dark red line my eyes watched, moving over the dips of my ribs that were showing too much, the flat stomach that barely needed anything to keep me here, and then staining the fabric of the blue jeans that I had pulled over my hips trying to keep my body at least a little clothed.

    "I don't know why you bother with them." He spoke, pulling his now stained lips from my shoulder, his arms coming up to wrap around my torso, one of his fingers going to smug the line of liquid that had gone so far. "Beautiful." He stated again. Why does he keep calling me that? I'm not. I never was. I was normal or weird rather. People had always made fun of me for my odd skin tone with the color of my hair. 'How could anyone with red hair have that skin color? You fake! You're weird!' I let my eyes slide closed at the memories. His chest slid against me. "Why do you torturer yourself so, my darling? Those mortals don't know what they were talking about. You were beautiful."