• My mood was fading as it does normally when the day fades away. This meant that the trees would grow dark and the mountains of Ulrmore a striking red.And that i had to slip into the black suite i had worn so many times before i couldnt count the ultaim holes left in it from battle. I had walked up the crickety stairs of my fathers old house went into the abused chest where I kept all of my valuables.Got the leathery suit out then slipped it on over my mundane shoes past my worn jeans and past my cloth shirt. i grabbed Foostery my Ultaim staff which eminates a strange purple light whenever another mage nears me.I still havent figured out all of Foostery's mysterious powers yet but i think ill begin to understand them through time.I ran back down stairs thinking i was hearing something grabbed the door handle with such vigor i almost tore the knob off the door when i opened it.A strange warm wind was blowing this night this was normal in my poor town of Varge for we have recently succumbed to constant attacks.By rogue mages and bounty hunters.Now normally we would have cold wind but there is some fighting going on at the outskirts of town i can sense the souls of the brave soldiers who fight to keep this town under peace.This epic battle will continue till the break of dawn when the sun hits the cold battle scarred earth the mages and bounty hunters will retire from there viscous battle.But that wasnt my priority at the moment my objective today was to scope out the mountains of ulrmore for Greft the wicked fire mage that casts arial assaults on the town with his fire dragons while he sits upon his throne and watches half of the town burn before the dragons retire and to their caves. And when the sun finaly does come up the inhabitants of varge come out of there hiding places and start to work on the singed and broken remains of what once were beautiful masterpeices of houses that the dwarves had built as a gesture of good will. When they came from the north in Dumeldumore there home in the mountain. I had made my way past the ninth row of houses when the only thing i could hear was a gigantic "BOOM" i was deafened by the blast i looked around for the thing that could have caused this uproar and apparently so did everyone else including the soldiers of both factions. My head had turned toward the mountain and i was in awe as to what i was seeing an increasing army was heading towards Varge at such break neck speeds i thought the blast had sent my in to the nether realm. When the army had reached the outskirts of town i couldnt help but laugh at my self and the army approaching. They wore green armaments on themselves they were about three feet tall and ferocious looking. The troops had reached the middle of the town and stood there. from a distance it looked like the leader was talking to himself but i pondered this thought for a second and came upon the conclusion he was yelling out to the towns people. The Armies had gone back to their fighting on the outskirts of town and the small creature looked pissed off that no one was listening to his speech.So i lurked in the shadows for a while and the tiny human just stood there as if waiting for someone to come and bow at his feet. So I made a brave move to creep up to the army and talk to the little fellow I approached the Officer he spoke before i had a chance to. He said " Hello mage... we Gnomes have been watching your town for some time... my name is Mencho and i lead this small army of three hundred and twenty seven men. We have decided your town is in need of help against these rogue mages and bounty hunters along with that highly insane Greft person. So what say you shall we help your little town while you are in this perilous fight?" as I was wandering in my mind for an answer the first thing that came to my head was " Wow are you for real I cant believe your this short" as soon as I had grasped what i said i knew Mencho had to. A mix of pain,anger and stealth had shown on his face and he had looked at me for a mere moment then replied "Well lets go troops we aren't welcome here" a sudden fear and shame had overcome my emotions i screamed " Wait im sorry i didnt mean it i just havent seen your kind anywhere before you are only spoken of in legends and stories." he turned on the back of his heels towards me and said " Bwhaha i was merely jesting boy we shall help your town through the thick of it" i didnt know what he meant by this but i just had to crack a smile " Thank you Mencho please my army is on the outskirts of town fighting the wretched ones. will you aid them?" Mencho said " Aye boy i will and my army and I are going to need a place to rest after this duel i hope you know." i replied " Yes Mencho I have taken that into consideration. thank you and God speed friend." I thought for a moment and my brain pulsed i had forgoten something i yelled to Menchos army " Mencho watch out for those archers on the side and for the catapults in the back." he replied as if in a mocking tone " Aye boy thats old news just keep one thing in mind about me...Eagle eyes never miss a thing!". my mind was scrambled with joy when i realized we had such a masterful general on the battlefield i knew before the gnomes had arrived we had a snowballs chance in hell with this clash of titans. Now we have a rolling death missile aimed right at the other army and that missile was a bunch of steaming mad gnomes. Having the tiny men on our side was a joyful sight it really was but i still had a job to do. So i had gone back to work on scouting out Greft when the explosion in the wall of the mountain had happened i caught a glimpse of Greft running down from his throne atop the mountain to an unkown destination probalby to a secret cavern where he feels safest at. I needed to make it to the mountain before the sun rises. So i started my walk down the lanes of already burning or lucky houses i averted my attention from the burning towns people and houses one of the men was screaming " Help, me im on fire. Help me mommy" i couldnt help but giggle in his torture but i couldnt stand the smell of burning flesh. So i used some of my ultaim powers to cool him off he bowed at my feet in thanks. I kicked him square in the chest and said " leave me be fool" he backed off with a glower and i then was back on track to looking for Greft. My time was short for the sun had already risen not more than an inch above the trees. It was time for me to pick up the pace and the only way to do that was to either burn all the trees in my way and take out resources for my ever burning town or to focus all my ultaim energy towards my feet. I decided the safest way to pickup speed was to focus energy so i concentrated all my power towards my legs and with a mighty flash i was off like a sonic boom no one had ever seen before. The majestic uproar had caused even the powerful oak trees to tremble as i passed them with break neck speeds. I wasnt sure of how far i had till i reached the summit of the mountains i just had a bit of depth perception on my side. My mind stood on edge for the moment then when the thoughts had cleared and my mind was peacful again i heard a loud grumbling next to me i thought for a fast second that the noise was my shoes giving way to the extreme amount of force and pressure being put onto them by my running. But when i glanced down at my side i saw a very small furry animal running at my same pace. When i took a closer look at the obsurd thing it had veins popping out of its forearms, hindlegs and tail for a minute i was a bit frightened but once i saw its serene face just the eyes on its head were kind of cute in a disgusting way. Man who am i kidding this thing radiates ugly all over i wanted to get away from him but every time i turned he turned at my exact same angles. This abomination was starting to annoy me i wasnt about to let it live right before i started slowing down the creature stopped i ran a few paces ahead stopped,paused and turned around to look at the animal. As soon as my head was facing the creature he started to growl with a hungry look about him i was getting a bit edgy so i said " Why are you following me spawn of hell?" the thing just uttered something that i figured was a laugh. I started to feel a slight pain and numbness in my mind then i could feel something unnatural enter my mind the entity began to speak " hello human my name is Iked my bretheren and I love to eat tasty morsels as yourself but we can sense you are no human form" I shot the dog like creature a questioning look " You fool i am nothing but human you beast now why was it you were following me?" The demon dog sensed something i did not he looked around with a high alert feeling about him. " You fool... that is not of importance at the moment if you will run with me i will tell you everything that you need to know at the moment" I grumbled but i went along with the thing. As we started picking up speed the beast started talking again " Alright boy i will tell you what you need to know right now. First off Greft is not of importance to the plan you will stop your undying hate for him until we get done with... with..." I was frustrated " With what dog get it out already!?" " Fine then human. your first priority would be the pirate lord malguymon." "What do pirates have to do with any of this?" the demon dog didnt answer me with so much as a glance i was infuriated by this point i said to him " What the hell is going on here you arse face" By this time the name calling had peaked his interest he replied " Calling me undermining names will not help you get your questions answered boy and you best know your place before i put you in it... Now return to your little town of Varge and prepare all of your best men for battle with these pirates and i will return by sundown tommorow. And you better be ready." I felt my heart suddenly drop as the entity had disapered from sight almost as if into thin air. My foot that i had on the solid earth had hit a mossy rock and slipped from the regular rythm of footsteps and i did a face plant on the cold earth i had to sit and collect myself before I made up my mind on what to do about this whole situation i had layed before myself. i decided that i was going to do what the "all knowing" beast had said and return to my town before the pirate brigade from the east had come. If there really were any but who knows maybe that obscene thing was telling the truth or maybe he wasnt and I just lost an immense amount of time. That i needed to spend searching for Greft but something about what Iked had said was not right what was this plan that he spoke of. And who was this we none the less I had to return to Varge to see all the buildings put out Mencho and his army had became little tourist traps for the children and the sun willsoon rise over the mountains of Ulremore I was tired and im sure that Mencho and his brigade were too so i decided that i was going to let them sleep at my place. How i was going to fit three hundred and twenty seven men in my house i had no idea but they needed a place to stay and they had helped our town immensely
    i will give thanks to them along with the town tommorow at sunlight so that meant that we would sleep a whole day and wake only at night so we may fight the rogue mages and bounty hunters. But for now the only thing i needed and wanted was a good nights sleep besides my ultaim was running low so i called out to Mencho to bring his men and follow me I showed them through the town until we got to the manor type house i had lived in ever since I remember. We went past the iron gates swiftly moving past the fountain that no longer worked and up to the front door i got out my very small key made a quick move to flip it into the lock and turned and with a slight click the door swung open. I let every one of the small humans in then shut the door with a sleepy force as i walked into the house and trudged upstairs as i walked into the room I normally slept in and found Mencho sleeping on my straw mattress i wondered to myself "How in the blazes did he get in here that fast I didnt even see him walk in. Well best not to wake him he did fight for our village i'll talk to him in the morning about our circumstances with the Pirate troops we are definitely going to need reinforcements for this skirmish.