• Viral

    “Ah, man that was good sleep”, yawned Sam as he dreamily woke from his sleep. Sam looked out the window expecting to see the three blue birds that usually sang to him every morning, but he noticed that they were gone. Sam looked at the calendar and said, “I wonder why they aren’t here, it isn’t winter yet?” Sam got out of bed and dressed for work. As he entered the living room reaching for the keys he saw something pass by the window. Sam walked to the window to see what it was, but he couldn’t see anything moving. He then headed for the kitchen to see if there was any breakfast wraps left over. Then once again he saw something pass by the backdoor. He shuffled across to it and opened it up. He stepped out and looked around, but once again didn’t see anything. Sam then noticed that Jack-jack wasn’t running out of his dog house towards him. He walked over towards the dog house to see what was wrong. Inside Sam saw the dog cowering as far back into the house as possible. Sam called the dog to try to calm it, but once the dog stepped out Sam noticed a large gap in its side. Sam attempted to pick the dog up but it snapped at him missing his arm. Sam leapt back and just gave up and walked inside to call the veterinary clinic for help, but no one answered so Sam decided to head up there now.
    As Sam drove down the road he noticed that the road was relatively empty compared to what it usually was, and what was weirder was the there were cars parked on the road here and there still running and doors open. But Sam just shook it off for being some holiday thing. Sam reached the clinic and stood at the desk ringing the bell. Sam waited five minutes then went into the back rooms. Here and there red marks showed on the walls and floors. Finally Sam just gave up and turned around to head out, but a low groan came from behind the door to his right. Sam opened the cautiously to see what was inside. A pungent odor of rotting meat and other chemicals struck Sam’s nose nearly knocking him back. Sam opened the door more nearly vomiting at the sight within. In the back of the janitor closet sat a body of a man with holes scattered about his body, and leaning over his stomach was a creature Sam had only heard of in movies and books. Eating the rotten flesh of the body was another rotten dead man. The creature looked up at Sam with hunger in its eyes. Sam turned and ran down the corridor and bursted out of the building and ran straight for his car. Sam sat inside with windows up and doors locked. Sam looked around seeing more and more of those creatures. Sam went for his keys hidden in his shade. He then saw the picture of his girlfriend and friends, and realized he has to make sure their ok. Sam drove instinctly to his girlfriends first. Sam arrived at her house in a hurry, but not so much to enter it. Sam waited a few minutes to build up the courage to enter the house.
    Sam walked up to the door and noticed it was open. Sam more hesitantly walked forward. As he entered the house he called out her name then listened. He then heard, “Sam…Sam is…is that you?” Sam called, “yes, it’s me…where are you?” She called back, “I’m…I’m in the bathroom, my brother is out there he…he died, but he came back somehow…he tried to bite me…” Sam then knew he had to get to her quickly. Sam sprinted outside to grab a metal bat that she kept for her little brother. Sam muttered under his breath, “Just in case…” and cautiously stepped back into the house. Sam slowly walked to the bathroom door looking all around him for any of those creatures. Sam knocked on the door lightly and waited, a few seconds later Abby answered, “Sam?” Sam opened the door and Abby rushed to him wrapping her arms around him. Sam tried not to lose focus on what could pop out any second. Sam grabbed Abby by the hand and rushed her out of the house and into the car, locking them as they got in. Sam then pulled out of the driveway heading north to try to reach his friend Ryan’s house. Sam pulled into Ryan’s driveway and staring out the wind shield he said, “Don’t leave the car, lock the doors, only unlock them when I tap the glass. Ok?” Abby facing him said, “Ok.”
    Sam got out of the car grabbing the metal bat. He then walked up to the door and knocked. He waited for a little bit straining to hear anything inside. He pushed open the door and stepped in. Ryan stood at the base of the stairs with his dad’s 1892 self loading Winchester Rifle aimed right at Sam’s head. Sam immediately flung his hands up and cried, “Don’t shoot!” Ryan realized who he was and lowered the gun. Sam put his arms down and said, “Come on we’re getting out of here.” Ryan replied, “Let me just get some more ammo.” Sam waited at the base of the stairs for Ryan. A few minutes later Ryan came back down. They walked to the car looking around to make sure none were coming. Ryan sat in the back with the rifle across his lap. Sam then headed down the highway heading west going from Moore, Oklahoma to Las Vegas, Nevada. Sam said, “We’re heading for Vegas.” Abby looked at him and said, “Why?” Ryan popped in, “Do you know how many people are there, or how many of them could have turned into those…those zombies?”
    “Ya, I know the number, but it’s the only place where everything will be better.” Sam replied.
    “How is a casino better?” Ryan said.
    “It’s not Vegas itself that we’re after, it’s the dam.”
    “What, so we’re going to hang out at some dam. What about food?”
    “They recently built some Walmart there; it’s fully stocked with food, water, supplies, and anything else we need.”
    “How will we keep it secure?”
    “I have my ways, besides it’s in the desert there should be no way a zombie can survive the heat.”
    “How will we survive? The food is sure to expire with no power to keep it fresh.”
    “Ah, that is where you’re wrong. The Hoover Dam can supply power to Vegas and other surrounding cities for one hundred or so years without any human contact, and that is also why I chose it as a safe place.”
    “Well, what about gas?”
    “I’m sure we can find some gas cans to fill then put in the trunk in case we need it.”
    “I’m sure there’s a gun shop around.”
    Ryan didn’t say anything else. A few hours later their stomachs sang in unison for food. Sam stopped at a gun shop and grabbed a 44mm Semi-automatic 12 round handgun, then stowed away back to the car. They then headed for a convenient store for some food. Sam sat as the wheel of the car for what seemed like hours to him. Until finally the lights of Las Vegas shone from over the horizon.
    As Sam pulled into the Walmart parking lot he noticed that Abby and Ryan had fallen asleep. He parked as close to the building as possible, then got out to check if the doors were unlocked only one was but it was enough to get in. Sam then woke Abby and Ryan, and together they entered the store to check every inch of it for any of the creatures and to lock any doors leading outside…
    The next day Sam and Ryan tried to find any items in the store that could be of use to them. Sam found a trucker radio and thought it could help to see if anyone else was out there. A few days past when abruptly at night the radio Sam found came to live with voices. Sam listened to the voices to figure out what it was they were talking about.
    “This is Nevada Unit, do you read? Over…” voice one said.
    “This is HQ, we read you. What’s your status? Over” another voice said.
    “Vegas is clear, we’re heading to Hoover Dam to check the near by homes. Over” voice one said. Sam then picked up the microphone and said, “Who is this? Is this the military?” Sam waited, but heard nothing he then flipped through the channels until he found the voices again. “Nevada Unit, head to destination of unknown chatter and finish off the job that the Hybrids were supposed to do. Make sure there are no survivors, and when your done continue your mission. Over” the other voice said without emotion. Sam stood there dazed and confused.