• tab Natasha was still shackled to the floor in the small dark room. She felt absolutely miserable. After all, you would be too if you were caught spying on someone. Let alone a major organization like BioFlare Industries. It wasn't really her fault, it never had been.
    tab Her parents had originally worked for a company a lot like BioFlare. They had been kidnapped by that company when Natasha was a small child. She had worked hard, training day and night to be strong enough to find them. Unfortunately, the company had dissolved. Any hope of finding her parents had gone up in smoke.
    tab She remained hopeful, and searched any company she could find. Often that meant crawling into air ducts or cracking security systems. She had never been caught. Until today.
    tab Her eyes are shining but dry because she has no tears left. The only way out is to be brave and patient and wait for a chance at freedom. She sighs in despair as the door opens, knowing she's finally met her match. But when she turns her face up, she sees someone who isn't supposed to be looking at her like they hate her- her father!

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