• I sat on the window sill and looked out over the land. Snow drifted gently to the ground, coating it in a blanket of white. People bustled below, hurrying to get home before a snow storm kicked in. It was nearing the end of November, soon it will be December and many will be preparing for the festival we hold every year, us included. The stars were hidden behind the dark clouds that covered the land.

    Let me introduce myself. I am Leena, a girl of 14, and whose birthday is tomorrow. My twin brother, Felix, stood beside me. “Come on Leena. We’re gonna be late again.”
    I sighed. “Hold on. I need to find my necklace.” Today was the crowning of the prince. He’d just turn 16, the official age of prince hood. Every one was to attend. Almost every girl between the ages of 12 and 17, were in love with him. I never understood why though, but then again, I had never seen him in person. This would be my first time.

    “Leena!!! We have to go now!” Felix nearly yelled in my ear.
    “Okay, okay already. Sheesh.” We raced toward the door, and I grabbed my necklace along the way. A carriage waited outside for us. Our mom got in first, then Felix, then me. The carriage lurched and the horse went clip-clopping down the street toward the bright palace in the distance. I was excited, yet nervous. I had kept imagining what the prince would look like ever since I had heard we’d be going. I kept looking out side of the carriage window and biting my lip.

    Hoped you liked it! X3 This is Part 1