• Amber sat in a squishy armchair, in a large room, covered in floral wallpaper. She stared out the window, watching as a prince walked to her front door, and kicked it down."Not again!" she exclaimed. " I, " said the prince, in a haughty manner, "am prince Almondo, your savior, and one true love!"

    Amber sighed. " Let's see, Mister Almond-nut " "Um, Almondo" "Ya, whatever." she said. "So anyways, Almond-nut, you must be very misinformed, and " "What ? How could I be mis-in-for-med?" he yelled, angrily. Amber noticed that he pronounced every sillible by itself when he said 'misinformed'

    "You are a princess in a tower, and I gotta save you!" he said, as he pointed his thumb to his chest. Amber sighed - again. "First of all, this is a HOUSE , and when in somebody else's HOUSE, it is very rude to interupt them when they are speaking!"

    "Gawd, sorry MOM!" Almondo glared at her. "Let me tell you exactly how things work around here...." Amber walked over to her armchair, and pressed a button installed in the left arm. "Good bye, Almond-nut."

    Almondo didn't correct her though, because he had fallen through a trap-door.

    Prince (not Almondo, a different dude),had just gotten back from his breakfast of Cheerios in milk, when he heard of the princess in the tower. The latest edition of Ye Olde Gossip Girl magazine (not that Prince read it or anything.....), said that a princess lived in a tower just off 93rd street.

    "Um, but that is where I live!" And indeed, she lived right in his backyard! so, he went to see her straight away.

    Amber watched Prince walk up to her door, and kicked it down (ring any bells?). She rolled her eyes. "One time, you go to an Ivy League college, and they think you live in an isolated tower!"

    Amber explained everything, and Prince went home, sadly, and went to pet his horseys.

    The princess went into her kitchen, and made a few hundred bowls of soup.She took the soup down into the cellar, and pushed them each, one by one, between the bars. She heard a chorus of 'Thank you's from the 2 or 3 hundred prince's she trapped in there. "Good night ,you guys!" Amber said, as she walked up the stairs, and closed the door.