• neutral neutral DING…DONG!

    “Boboy get the door” I yelled to him.

    “No way you get!” He yelled back

    “Ugh” when I went to get the door I looked at the window, it was Carlos and Danny’s dog, Lucy. I bend down to pick up Lucy but she growled at me.

    “Lucy.” I said hopping it would calm her down. Right at that moment Charger started barking at her, I pushed Charger aside but he kept barking.

    “Briana who is it?” Boboy called out to me.

    “Boboy get over here.”

    “Why?” He whined.

    “Because, and bring Gabreil and Didi.” I said in a firm voice.

    “Fine.” He yelled. Two seconds later he was next to me with Gabreil and Didi at his side.

    “Wow Briana, you discovered Carlos and Danny’s dog?” Didi said

    “No, Lucy growled at me. She never growls.” I said. Then Lucy started growling again, except she sounded more like a bear than a small puppy. While I was lost in my thoughts Boboy yelled “No, you dumb dog!”

    “Bob! Do something, you to Gabe.” Didi said. She sounded scared.

    “No, Boboy you try to at least pick her up.” Gabreil said he also sounded scared.

    “Okay…Hold on lemme think” While Boboy was thinking everyone looked at him, Bob wasn’t always the best thinker.

    “Kay, got it” He said with a grin.

    “Lucy, get your butt over here, because I’m” He paused.

    “Because I’m, bigger, Better, Faster, Stronger!” While he said those retarded words he did something with his arms, he looked like a dork.

    “That’s not working!” Brought practically screamed.

    “Well then” Boboy said, I bet he thought he did a pretty good job.

    “I’m next.” Didi didn’t sound so sure but it looked like she was thinking of something good.

    “Didi hurry up Lucy’s barking again.” I said.

    “Got it…….Lucy want a treat?” she went to get one of Chargers treats. She set one on the floor, then skipped back to her original spot next to Boboy.

    “Go get it Lucy!” then she grabbed Lucy but then dropped her with a scream.

    “Are you okay Didi?” I asked her.

    “OW…OW SHE BITT ME!” She screamed.

    “Run!” Gabriel yelled. Lucy started to growl, bark then she was chasing us. We ran into Germoes room. But Gabreil ran out.

    “Gabriel!” we all screamed “Get back in here!” when he came back in his hand he had Charger, and Boboy locked the door.

    “Oh my gosh!” I paused to take a breath “What is wrong with Lucy?”

    “I don’t really know Briana.” Didi said.

    “We all don’t know Didi, But what we do know is that, Lucy, must be destroyed!” Bob said.

    “Boboy!” I hit the back of his head.

    “No!” Gabriel said “he’s right.” All of us gasped.

    “AHHHHHHH!” Didi screamed. Lucy was gnawing the door off! I couldn’t believe it. Once again all four of us ran to the next room.

    “Cindy! CINDY!” All of us screamed. As usual Cindy was talking to her boyfriend.

    “Hold on Jake.” She put the phone down “What is it know?”

    “Lucy” I started out “Is a killer dog Cindy!”

    “Lucy the neighbors dog?” she paused “I don’t believe it Banana.”

    “Its true Cindy!” Gabriel said. Cindy folded her arms.

    “Prove it.”

    “Fine you want proof?” Boboy growled

    “Yea I want proof.” Cindy said, she sounded annoyed. Didi opened the door just a crack then Lucy barked and opened the door.

    “NO!” All of us screamed Cindy screamed to then she grabbed her cell and jumped out the window.

    “Cindy!” We screamed. Then we ran out into Nana’s and Tia Kantha’s bedroom.

    “Wake up” I screamed.

    “C’mon Tia wake up.” Didi said while she was slapping Tia Kantha’s face.

    “Lucy, no, Lucy!” We all looked up and saw Nana pushing Lucy away form her.

    “LUCY NO!” we all screamed. I grabbed Lucy off of Nana, Gabriel and Didi helped me then we cornered Lucy.

    “Boboy! Get Carlos and Danny. And hurry!” I yelled. Boboy was already running towards the door, while Didi, Gabriel and I were trying to hold Lucy back.

    “Ow!” was all we were saying for five minutes.

    “Okay were here.” Carlos said.

    “’kay the problem is that little lady here and friends are tired of holding a nine one one one two one oh.” Bob extended.

    “What” Danny said..

    “Ugh! He’s saying that Lucy is killer and you’re her owners so you need to settle her down right now!” Didi yelled.

    “Lucy come here girl!” Carlos called. Lucy jumped to him but she almost ripped his arm, and I tried to hold back my laughter while Carlos made faces.

    “Lucy come here!” Danny said. Lucy jumped to him and settled down.

    “Good girl Lucy!” he paused then Lucy ripped a patch of hair right from Danny’s head! “LUCY! OW LUCY!” Danny yelled.


    I ran to the door. I looked down at the window, it was Luna, the most evilest little girl ever.

    “Hi Luna.” I said unsure. But Luna let her self in anyways and walked straight to were the others where.

    “Lucy.” Was what Luna said Lucy ran to Luna and licked her face. Luna disappeared. Her brothers, Carlos and Danny, called out her name. No one answered. Then we turned are heads to the corner of the room were we heard an evil laugh.

    “You guys know that I’m stronger so don’t try to fight me off!” Luna said then she disappeared again…………………TO BE COUNTINUDED