• He left her in the cage and walked into the hall, her screams echoing in his mind. he really wanted to help her, he really did. as he rounded the corner he ran into his boss, his boss was well basically just a dark shadow with red eyes and a cold heart. "hello Mr. Hemholtz" alex said quietly. the shadow just stared at him and walked away quickly, alex left for his room and when he got there colpased on his bed and fell into a deep dream session.

    "Oh alex, I Love You" miranda said loudly " I Love You so much i feel like if I shoited to the heavens they would hear me" she smiled softly and layed on his chest, her back curly hair in a mess to the side. she sat up and pulled the covers with her to cover her chest "Alex.." she said quietly. he pulled up and wrapped his arms around her waist pulling her into him "yes my sweet?" he said softly and swiftly into her ear. " I don't think we can.." miranda said.

    He awoke with a sweat. and looked at his clock, it was 4 A.M. he sighed and put his head into his lap. his body covered in sweat. "why doesn't she remember me" he said softly. a tear spilled down his cheek.