• 3 am in the morning I was still awake. Thinkin about Riley of course. I wondered if he was thinkin of me. Riley is my boyfriend. We have been together for the last 3 months. We both go to the same high-school. We have the same lunch period too. So we get to see each other lots. Of course my mama don’t like him or any of my friends. She only likes Samantha. Samantha is smart but poor. Still she is my best friend and I hang out wit her more than anyone. Sometimes she is annoying, sayin we gotta study. I hate that studyin crap. Don’t see the point. Anyway like I was sayin I miss Riley. I should forgive him for cheatin on me but this is his 4th cheat. I’ve had enough.
    “Beep beep beep”. I slammed my alarm clock down. Monday “yuck”. My mom’s voice came from downstairs. “Hurry Minici or you going to be late”. If only I would have gone to bed earlier. No time. I slipped in the shower. 5 minute showers is what I hate. I quickly got out and put on my dark blue jeans and my Betty boop shirt. Fair enough. After some discoveries with makeup I strolled downstairs for pancakes. Morning honey breakfast? My mom asked sweetly. My mom works at a hospital from 8am to 11pm. Im basically home alone. So I hitch a ride downtown to a friend or run some errands. After breakfast I gave my mom a quick kiss then bolted to catch with Stacy.
    And that is how Christopher Columbus discovered America. “Ughhh” I shoulda just skipped. Thank goodness it was the last class. Only 5 more minutes. C’mon girl you could do this. I smiled at my thoughts. I crack myself up. Finally the bell rang. Everyone ran for their lives. I too was one of them. As I walked down the hallways I heard wats up Manici or how ya doin gurl or baby go out wit me. I acknowledged those comments. When I opened my locker a note fell out. It was from Bobby. It read:
    Dear Minici
    Im really sorry bout cheatin again.
    I went to the guidance and told all my business to the guidance
    Just for you. I went the extra mile for you.
    I really hope you took the time to read this.
    I’m sorry from the bottom of my soul.
    If you forgive me meet me after school in back of the corner store. Hope to see you. Your Boo Riley

    I didn’t know why I did not throw the letter out. I was fed up with him. But in some part of my heart, I really did forgive him. So I decided to keep the letter. Finally lunch time came. Man, it’s been almost 3 hr since I have eaten breakfast. But my thoughts weren’t on my hunger; they were on Samantha and what she would think if I were to go out with Riley again. Samantha don’t like Riley. She call him a fool and a buffoon and all those names in the book (she do not curse, she don’t believe in it). But if I were to go back out with him whoo-wee Samantha would have a fit. How do I break it to her that I love him. I was snapped out of my thoughts when Samantha came. “Hey girl” she greeted me in a lame way. “H-He-Hey Sammy” I was falling under pressure. “So have you been asked out to the dance? I knew that she wanted to go with this boy named Matt o Connell, but she was too afraid to ask him. “No she said. “Did you? I guess it was my turn to talk. “Yea I did by Riley” Samantha’s eyes widened and she looked shocked. I couldn’t look at her. “R-R-R-Riley she couldn’t speak. I answered “Yea” “And your goin to turn him down” she said her voice getting louder. I looked at her like she said something stupid. “Ughhh I dunno maybe” I was mad at myself for even considerin this. She looked like she was about to cry. “Whateve gurl, that’s your choice you wanna be an idiot you go on an-” I cut her off. I was now angry and ragin. “FIRST OF ALL I DUNNO WAT I GOIN TO DO SO YOU JUS NEED TO BE QUIET AND STAY OUTTA MY BUSINESS!!!!! I yelled. As soon as I said it I wanted to take it back. Samantha looked scared, she picked up her books, got up, and walked away from me. I rolled my eyes at her and got my designer bag (sumthin she could never afford) and caught up with Luton my best buddy. As I was walkin I thought bout meetin Riley at the store. Jus to spite Samantha I decided to go.

    As soon as I arrived at the corner store I spotted Riley in the back of the neighborhood brick grocery store. He could stand there because his daddy is the owner. He smiled when he saw me. He walked over and tried to hug me, but I pushed him away. “Im so glad you came” he said. “Yeah whateve, wat do you want”? He looked pained. “I jus wanna talk”. This time it was my turn to talk. “I dunno wat is your problem but if you don’t get your act together WE ARE THOUGH you hear me?” I shouted then I walked away. Riley pulled me back and tried to kiss me