• I'm alone

    I was waiting for you by the tree… but you didn’t show
    I wait for two hour but you didn’t show so I left
    I seen you at your locker talking to your friends and I said hi
    You yelled at me and I ran away while you were making fun of me
    I sat at the lunch table you came up to me and said that you were using me then you left as I sat crying
    When we left school I walked home
    I walked to the Sunset Cliff and seen the sunset
    When I was walking I spilt and fell of the cliff
    As I was falling I felt someone grab my hand but I did not see who it was
    He pulled me up and said are you okay
    I couldn’t say any thing
    He let go of my hand and vanished
    So as I watched the sunset I think of him
    At school as I sit at the lunch table someone says can I sit here with you
    I turned my head and it was him
    And I said sure
    As we sat were eating I was thinking…
    I’m not alone any more

    The end