• have you ever wished to get away?
    leave all the worrying behind?
    to keep the pain and suffering, just a distant memory?
    or to get rid of it all together?
    growing up, i wished i could...
    i'd crawl out my window to sit on the roof, trying to escape the sound of doors slambing, parents yelling, and siblings crying. it seemed the high on the roof, the less noise, but i always had to return. a close friend, well, some one that seemed to get what i was going through, told me my wishing to be free isn't that hard to get. he told me, it will hurt at first, but after, the pain will all disapear and no worrys.
    i was willing to do anything just to ge away, so i followed him. he showed me a razor, what pain really was and how it could a disapear.
    for a while the razor scared me, but my friend showed me how it helped. the way to use it.
    one day, the razor i grew so close to, took my friend the showed me, the way to grant my wish.
    eventually the razor became my close freind. it was there through everything. and made bad things go away. it showed me what i really diserved.
    sitting back, looking around...
    the razor i grew so close to, hurt the ones that grew close to me. i feared loseing them...