• On a warm summer's night, four warriors rode the skies towards a lonely abd silent plain. The Wind and Thunder heralded their journey as the Stars lit the pathways to the distant heavens. The Lunar Queen, garbed in stunning gold, seated herself behind the Cloud Curtain.

    The Southwest Paladin rode forth first, brandishing his silver lance in her Royal Majesty's honor. Northeast Assassin came next, his ruby red dagger swinging to and fro in mournful tribute to the Day Emperor's departing. Northwest Sage boldly stepped forward, her piercing spells demanded respect for the silent Twilight King. Southeast Sniper arrived last of all, his precise golden arrows sung praise for the Dream Duchess.

    Forward they came, exchanging blow for blow from the pure jolliness that came from friendship, loyalty, and honor. Intensely they sparred, and the Lunar Queen, overcome by excitement, glimpsed occasionally from behind her shield.