• I tried hard not to fall for you,
    I tried to keep my head above the water,
    But I went down so hard in the end,
    I fell so deep that I'm still drowning,
    With no way back on the surface,
    It's killing me all of this,
    But I cant let you go,
    I cant let you go,
    I never wanted it to end,
    But you did,
    You did it with such force,
    I felt my heart break into more than just pieces,
    It shattered completely into dust,
    I feel like I can never fall that deep again because of you,
    But I know that in the distant future,
    When I know your heart is the same,
    I know that day I will be happy again,
    Until then boy I will miss you,
    I will be waiting here for you until I die....
    All I want to say is that,
    I Love you more than my life,
    More than anything else in the world....