• Sometimes, things happen that you can't explain. Whether it's seeing another person in an empty room, or trying to tell someone why you love them. I've had a lot of these moments. Although it seemed like all of these things happened when I was around Jane.
    Jane. She was the first girl that I ever loved. She was the girl that in seventh grade, I carved my name and hers into the tree at the front of the school. She was the girl that in eighth grade, every time I closed my eyes, I could see her long red hair, her ice blue eyes with the small green flecks in them, the perfect double curve of her lips. It didn't help when I wanted to sleep. She was smart, beautiful, kind, caring, and more. By the time we were both sixteen, I knew that I loved her and wanted to spend all my time with her.
    Unfortunately, she didn't feel the same way about me. She was my best friend, and I hers. We shared everything with each other. I told her about how I felt about her, and I'll never forget how red she turned when I did. Shortly after that, she moved away. We never saw each other again until the day that changed my life forever.
    The day after Jane moved away, I took up jogging. The feel of my lungs burning and the soft thud, thud of my sneakers hitting the pavement erased all thoughts from my head. All the thoughts of her, all the memories of being with her, it took away the pain I felt when I was not near her.
    I ran over two miles every day, and I loved every second of it. I would take my mp3 player and turn it to my favorite rock songs while I ran. The day everything changed was when I decided to go the extra mile. Literally. It was a bright Tuesday morning. Not a cloud in the sky. When I had run my two miles, I wasn't tired enough to go back home. So I decided to run to the Walgreens that was eight blocks away to get a water. I saw a shortcut through an alley, and thought, why not? And I took it. I had my eyes focused on the store, and my thoughts focused on the music pulsing through my head, so when the garbage can tipped over in front of me, I almost wet myself. One of my ear buds fell out of my ear as I skidded to a stop.
    "Oh jeez I'm so sorry! Are you okay?" asked a musical voice. I knew that voice from somewhere. I turned to look at the girl who was speaking. Short, raven black hair down to her chin, freckles, slender and curvy at the same time, peach skin…and bright blue eyes. The blue eyes with small green flecks in them. She was staring at me, waiting for me to reply.
    "I'm so sorry, the garbage can…," she said nervously, blushing slightly.
    "Jane?" I asked quietly, looking into her eyes. They hardened and narrowed. She didn't answer me, only looked around. Left, right, straight ahead, and her eyes froze when she looked up. She looked at me, fury in her eyes. I stared back, a million questions in my mind. She closed her wonderful eyes for a moment, opening them in a short second.
    "Come on, Leo." She said quietly.
    "What?" I asked.
    "Leo! I said come on! Let's go!" She snapped, and began walking. I jogged to keep up with her.
    "Ah...where are we going?" I asked, confused. She ignored me, heading toward a house.
    "Is there anyone your mom would trust you with for a few days? Weeks?" she asked.
    "Um...My cousin, Mark. You met him. He was the one with the-"
    "Call you mom and tell her you're spending time with Mark. Just do it. Don't ask me why." She said, sounding like she was miles away. I did as she asked, dialing my mother and telling her what I was doing. She gave me permission, told me she loved me, and hung up. Jane entered the house. It was old and white, with parts hanging off it. I hesitated at the back steps.
    "Come on!" she snapped again, looking fiercely at me. I was so confused.
    "No. I'm not taking another step until you tell me what the hell is going on." I said, trying to sound stubborn. Was it just me or did her eyes darken in color?
    "Unless you want to die, you will get your butt in here before I drag it here." She spoke through clenched teeth. "I do not have time for this. If we are not out of here in fifteen minutes, you and I will die." I was even more confused, but the anger in her voice got me moving. She twisted and turned through corners and hallways, finally coming to a flight of stairs, which she neatly ran up. She went through two more hallways and finally came to a door, me following. She kicked it open and swiftly got a duffel bag from under the bed there. As she opened and closed her drawers, hastily throwing clothes in the bag, I looked around the room.
    The room was small and white, cracks running up and down the walls. Her bed was twin sized, with only a thin blanket. Shelves and draws were overflowing with papers. Throwing a quick glance at Jane, I crossed the room silently, reading one of the papers. It was upside down, and the writing was small. I picked it up quietly, cringing when crinkled.

    Name: Jane Hackoff
    Sex: Female
    Birthdate: 4/25/91
    Code: 6988524
    Changed date: 4/25/08
    Breed(s): Merger, Mover, Tell-

    The sheet of paper was suddenly wrenched from my hands. I looked up to see Jane, her eyes…black?
    "Jane," I started, surprised to hear my voice shaking. "What does that mean? Why does it say…?"
    She sighed and turned around, yanking the bag off her bed and going to the door.
    "Jane! Please! Tell me what's going on!" I yelled, running after her.
    "Later." She said simply, her tone flat.
    "Later. Follow me. Don't question me. Just do it. I'll explain later, I promise." She said, suddenly weary.