• Justin watched Yvany leave with Marsha in her arms. He was almost positive he had just kissed his best friend but he was still a little dazed. When he finally got his mind straight he was about to go talk Yvany before a servant stopped him.
    "Your highness, your father would like to talk to you." the servant said. Justin looked towards Marsha's room yearning to go see Yvany but he nodded to the servant in aknoledgement and followed him to the throne room. As soon as Justin stepped in he stopped. Catherine was standing next to his father.
    "I see you already know what this conversation is to be about." his father said noticing the look of worry on his son's face.
    "Catherine's father has informed me that there has been a proposal and he has already accepted and lady Catherine is to be married in three days." his father announced. Justin looked to Catherine and nodded.
    "Congradulations." Justin smiled. Justin watched as Catherine's face fell a little in disappointment; she wanted him to feel bad for missing his chance.
    "I want to talk to you about you marrying." his father said finally breaking the ice.
    "Father, I haven't found someone I'm in love with." Justin replied not wanting to start this again. But the conversation went somewhere else.
    "Ah but my son, you have." his father smiled at his son's own obliviousness. Justin cocked his head to the side in confusion.
    "Yvany." his father said simply.
    "You're insane, Yvany is just a friend." Justin said but he couldn't help but remember how good it felt to have her that close, to have their lips together, how she didn't pull back and niehter did he, how he wanted to kiss her again.
    "Son, years ago I told you I would see to keeping her around, I said that because you had that same look when you were around her that I had when I was around your mother; I'm trying to say that I think ya'll should marry."
    "Actually, I think I have put that in consideration." Justin replied realizing it true. Wasn't that what he wanted to talk to Yvany about? With a jolt of joy and excitement he finally knew who he was in love with, Yvany.
    "Well, James has already talked to me about taking her hand." his father frowned. Justin looked up suddenly feeling as if he needed to protect Yvany from his brother.
    "And?" Justin urged.
    "I told him to wait for a bit, and yes I know that what I'm doing isn't fair but I want you to think about taking Yvany as a wife before your brother can."
    "Father, I don't have to think, I know Yvany is the one I want to be with I just need to know if she feels the same." Justin said. He turned and walked out of the room to go talk to Yvany.